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Discover your strengths.

Conquer your weaknesses.

Build the best strength of your life.

Saturday, June 27th at the elitefts S4 Compound

There’s no greater experience in the strength world than being surrounded by a support system of other lifters when you attempt a PR.

When you take the platform on meet day or for max testing in the gym, hours, days, weeks, months, and even years of training culminate into a single opportunity to perform your best. Regardless of your previous lifts or experience, the elitefts™ Powerlifting Experience is an opportunity for you to ensure that when this day comes, your hard-fought training cycle does not go to waste. The elitefts™ Powerlifting Experience will help you build an unwavering max-lift strategy, whether you’ve been competing for years, are preparing to do your first meet, or never intend to compete at all

Imagine the perfect strength-training environment. The best powerlifters in the world guide you through every phase of a big lift: Chad Aichs helps you choose the weight of you next squat. Dave Kirschen calls you to the platform once the weight has been loaded to the bar. Marshall Johnson wraps your knees. Dave Tate chalks your back and reminds you to push your stomach against the belt and sit back. From the side, Steve Goggins calls your depth.

This is what you’ll get at the elitefts™ Powerlifting Experience. Not only will you have the opportunity to train alongside many of the best lifters in the world, you will also learn the most important technical and physical adjustments to build strength in a more efficient, healthier manner. Maybe you’re a beginning lifter and need to have your squat, bench, and deadlift built from the ground up — the elitefts coaches will take you through every step. Maybe you’ve been lifting for years and are looking for that small tweak that will help you break through a long-term plateau — the elitefts coaches will give you that, too. Or maybe you’re looking for a better way to coach other lifters in the squat, bench, and deadlift — team elitefts™ will even help with that.


If you’re an attending lifter wanting to learn everything you can about the actual process of competing, the team members and coaches will give you what you need to go into your first meet feeling confident and secure. Your concerns will all be addressed. When should you warm-up? How early should you wrap your knees? How much time do you have before your next attempt? Did you pick your opener correctly?

The elitefts team members with hundreds of thousands of hours of combined experience will be available to answer any and every question you need. Confused about a specific cue for the bench press? Want to know which deadlift stance is best for you? Looking for nutrition tips? Need advice addressing a specific weakness through your programming? They will be here to help.

The elitefts™ Powerlifting Experience is a unique opportunity for aspiring lifters to be part of the powerlifting environment in a no-pressure, supportive learning experience. Attendees will arrive to the world-renowned S4 Compound and work up to a one rep max in the squat, the bench, and the deadlift, all while being coached by the world’s best pro powerlifters. These lifters have made it to the top of their sport, and now they’re here to guide you by sharing the knowledge they have gained along the way.


  • Dave Tate
  • Chad Aichs
  • David Allen
  • Christine Brass
  • Vincent Dizenzo
  • Molly Edwards
  • Meana Franco
  • Steve Goggins
  • JL Holdsworth
  • Alycia Israel
  • Marshall Johnson
  • Dave Kirschen
  • Julia Ladewski
  • Matt Ladewski
  • Eric Maroscher
  • Yessica Martinez
  • CJ Murphy
  • Jen Petrosino
  • Matt Rhodes
  • Joe Schillero
  • Harry Selkow
  • Joey Smith
  • Brandon Smitley
  • Mike Szudarek
  • Ted Toalston
  • Ken Whetham
  • Sheri Whetham
  • Casey Williams
  • Scott Yard
  • Bob Youngs

Through this day of hands-on coaching and learning, you will have the opportunity to network with elitefts™ team members, lifters like you, and legends of the sport.


Friday. June 26th

5:00 pm Early Check-In

7:00 pm Team Elitefts™ Meet & Greet

Saturday. June 27th

8:00 am Athlete Check –in and Warm-Up

9:00 am The Squat

11:00 am The Bench Press

1:00 pm The Deadlift

3:00 pm Team Elitefts Feedback Presentations

  • Session 1: Dave Tate on the Squat
  • Session 2: Vincent Dizenzo on the Bench Press
  • Session 3: Steve Goggins on the Deadlift

4:30 pm Closing Remarks


Early Check-in (optional)

Registration Outside the S4 Compound where athletes will receive their T-Shirts

Team elitefts™ Meet & Greet (optional)

Athletes will be able to interact and hang out with other athletes and team members at the conclusion of their team training session.

Athlete Warm-Up

Athletes will be able to perform soft tissue work, mobility drills, and flexibility in order to prepare themselves for the day.

Squat, Bench, and Deadlift

Competitors will be assigned to groups based on experience, strength level, and individual goals.  There will be four separate groups with approximately 15 lifters per group.

Coaches will ensure that all lifters are properly warmed-up and mentally prepared for each attempt.  The camaraderie and atmosphere will allow for lifters to work with coaches and make adjustment to break PRs.

Feedback Presentations

Dave Tate, Vincent Dizenzo, and Steve Goggins will provide some specific feedback on technique discrepancies they witness during the day for the squat, bench press, and deadlift respectively. They will also provide some usable take-aways for improving all three of the competitive lifts.

Closing Statements by Dave Tate

Don’t wait.  Sign up now to become a part of the next step in powerlifting performance.  Spots are limited to 75 competitors.  Sign-up before May 19th to secure the lowest price available of $249. After the registration cut-off, the price increases to $299.

Register Now



*One of the greatest experiences of my life. It was a dream come true to train here. Getting coached by elite lifters was icing on the cake. EliteFTS has changed my life and has changed the way I train and is the biggest reason why I turned to powerlifting. Words cannot express how grateful I am for this company and this team. - Ben Pollard

*This is without a doubt the best thing that you guys have done. It helped me with all of my lifts and no matter your level you can learn from the top lifters. Dave and his guys definitely Passed on with this event! I highly recommend it to anyone looking to go to the next level. - Jarred Buchanan

*The Powerlifting Experience is an absolute blast. I would recommend this event to anyone who is serious about their training. You learn technique from the strongest athletes in the world and smash PR's, using top notch EliteFTS equipment. What could be better? - Sam Kirtley

*Deciding to participate in the first Elitefts Powerlifting Experience (August 2014) was one of the best decisions I have ever made! It was a unique opportunity for me as a novice lifter to experience the environment without the pressure that comes from uncertainty about a first "real" meet, because it was set up as an educational experience. Input from the coaches was invaluable! They broke it down so that we understood everything from rules (and how they might differ between federations), to nutrition before/during a meet, to appropriate warmups (i.e. mobility work and warmups under the bar), and of course, guidance on one's form and how to improve. The Elitefts team was very approachable, experienced, and fun! Attendees were broken down into groups, and then with their specific coaches became one big team for the day. The camaraderie among our group members made for a truly memorable experience. I am certain that participation in this event will make me a better lifter as I resume training back home and work to apply what I learned that day. It is my hope that this event continues to be offered each year so that others can reap the benefits - and previous attendees can return to continue building on the foundation. Thank you, Dave Tate and team for an amazing job! -Jean Pineda

*Two members from the All-American traveled to London, Ohio to attend the EliteFTS Powerlifting Experience. Jimmy Krienest came home with 3 new PR's and a tremendous amount of new information and knowledge. I came away with a TON of technique to work with and share with our other lifters. 30 or so of the strongest lifters in the world all gathered in one spot to help us get better & help the sport grow. There was no better place to be on August 16th. - Dan Ryan

*It was amazing. Invaluable knowledge from the biggest names in the sport. And I hit a big PR squat with Dave Tate spotting me so that was more than worth the trip by itself. The compound was out of this world too. If they have it again I would highly recommend getting in. - Chris Remington

*The EliteFTS Powerlifting Experience was a monumental event in my training career. Not just because of setting PRs and training at the S4 compound but for the NETWORKING with other people that share your passion. (Other lifters and coaches alike!) You see these names, videos, and pictures of these guys, or you follow their training logs but it's not until you look them in the eye, shake their hand, and have a conversation with them that you realize they are normal people just like you and me. That motivated me more than anything... If you truly have a passion for this sport then this is the event for you. -Ted Ivie


*I felt as if I was Home about thirty minutes after arriving. It was hard not to smile like a fat kid eating cake all day. Chad Joe and Brian, the flight 6 coaches, were great w everything. I'm not the sharpest spoon in the tool shed but they got their points across and I am already changing my training based on their advice. It was a great day with great people. Wouldn't change a thing. - Sam Burns

*Would like to recommend the EliteFTS Powerlifting Experience to anyone that is looking to do a meet new or old. The level of expertise from the EliteFTS coaches are far beyond any other coaches that I have encountered in my 20 years of experience. As a facility owner and a strength coach, I was to learn several new techniques for myself or to pass on to clients. We had three trainers attend that were all new to powerllifting, and each took away a new appreciation for the three powerlifts, great experience for each. Also my wife attended and was able to learn what I and other facility members go through in meets. I would highly recommend this seminar or any interaction that has EliteFTS as the major driver of the event. Thanks Dave for another great experience, nice to see you again. - Rick McMillan

*This event was awesome, and invaluable. Being exposed to the amount of knowledge, strength, and experience contained within the facility that day was one of the best moments of my lifting career so far, and I can't wait to do it again! - Joseph Sullivan

*By having the chance to experience the mock meet at Elitefts I have came to understand the philosophy live, learn, pass on, on a more personal level. The coaches that we're their to inspire and motivate did all that and so much more! The intensity I felt at Elitefts will stay with me forever and fuel my fire whenever I'm feeling burnt out! It was amazing being inside of a place I've only seen on YouTube and elitefts website. I was like a kid in a candy store, and the weights and professionals was what I was craving! I am really looking forward to the next big event, and I will be sure to keep checking on when that will be so I can guarantee my spot in the ranks! - Chris Paxton

*I came into this experience with zero experience and feel like I can successfully compete now. The coaches did an excellent job of engaging us and handling us throughout the day. This was way better than ltt 8 and I loved that. The amount of knowledge gained quantum leaped my confidence and knowledge of meet day successful navigation. The best part was I found out what it felt like to be treated like a pro. I was coached, handled, and encouraged by the elitefts team members the WHOLE time. Dave's team are genuine and follow live learn....and they passed it on in tonage. Thanks so much. I want to do this again. - Louis Demetriade

*The Powerlifting Experience was like nothing I have ever been to before. I loved being at the Compound and seeing some of the strongest people in the world coach all of us who aspire to be great. Now, unfortunately I didn't set any huge PR's (only an 8 lbs on bench), but for the first time I had knowledgeable people helping refine my technique on each of the big three and I can't wait to implement those changes and see my numbers soar. As Dave Kirschen told our group, PR's set that day are great but they don't really mean anything. The goal of that day was to help us for our next 5, 10 or 15 meets and smash weights on the platform. I would say it was successful. - Andy McCullough

*My main purpose of this day was to learn as much as I could. I was not as concerned with what my total was going to be at the end of the day. I did no sort of specific peaking for this meet and at the end of the day still managed to total 50 lbs heavier than my last meet. If you are not looking to compete in powerlifting at least consider making it to elitefts for the powerlifting experience to safely learn how to execute the big three lifts and to feel the most powerful vibe of being around the best and just a bunch of motivated people who all want to get better. I left elitefts a better lifter and more motivated than ever. Live, learn, pass on. -Tommy John

*The elitefts powerlifting experience was for me, an experience of a lifetime. If you want to train like a lion you need to go to the lions den. I'm grateful for everything I learned this past weekend - Nik Jankovic

*I came to this event not sure what to expect other than learn about powerlifting. I knew we would compete, I did not expect so much one on one help from professional power lifters, that genuinely wanted you to succeed. This was by far one of the best experiences of my life, and has made me decide that I want to power lift and compete and be part of something so amazing. Thank you to the Elitefts Team for all of their hard work and support! - Shannon Leister

This was the event I've been waiting for, for a long time! I train almost always on my own, and I do not have assistance from people experienced in the sport. I have competition experience, but again, without much guidance. This gave me the opportunity to meet and learn from THE BEST, and I have taken away so much. The environment kicked ass and the support from every single elitefts member was truly uplifting. I am looking forward to the next event. Thank you elitefts!! - Julia Famiglietti

*Words couldn't describe this experience alone. If you asked me in person how it was, grab a six pack because I would be talking for a very long time. First off just to walk into the S4 Compound was a dream seeing all this sick equipment, the chrome plates, 4 monolifts, all these specialty bars, etc. Meeting and working with my coaches was a dream come true. I mean many of us watch these top guys on Youtube, or live streams of those big meets, but to actually meet these guys and work with them is an incredible experience. These guys are here to help you, they want to see you succeed. I hit 2 PRs today, and learned so much more that I am excited to take back with me in training. I also believe everyone in my group hit at least 1 PR today. Also awesome story... So I was walking out of the bathroom, hands were wet from the sanitizer and I see Dave Tate. I tell him, "Dave thanks for putting this on, this experience is incredible". He walks up to me to shake my hand and I tell him, "Sorry my hands are wet, I don't want to get yours wet." So he grabs my hand to shake it and says, "Oh I don't give a f***, thanks for coming."... Just like in his Youtube videos lol (great guy by the way). Thank you Team Elite FTS for putting this on for us. - Rawad Najm


*I got into lifting because I wanted to be a bodybuilder but then I started reading a lot of EliteFTS articles and watching the videos about the powerlifters I realized that this is the community that I want to be a part of. I realized that you could be "big and scary" and still be a really friendly genuine person. Everyone I have met from EliteFTS has been nothing but nice and informative when I have had questions. EliteFTS really embodies the Live, Learn, and Pass on philosophy. - Dakota Lowery

*Could not have been more pleased with the event... Hit PRs, Fantastic advice, one-on-one mentoring, amazing environment. This will most definitely prepare me for an actual meet, and shall not be an experience forgotten. In the end, this past weekend proved to be an invaluable experience for me, as I'm sure it was for all lifters there. Will be using ELITEFTS for all my powerlifting resources. - Derek Walling

*I have been lifting alone for the past 11 years and this is exactly what I needed to spur more intense focus on my powerlifting goals. I gained so much knowledge that I feel like I'm starting all over with no barriers to what is possible. Thank you to everyone at Elitefts. You all really do embody Live, Learn and Pass On. - Nick Hammer

*I have desperately wanted to attend one of the learn to train seminars but unfortunately, something always came up, like being out of the country, during each event. When this powerlifting seminar was announced, I immediately signed up, knowing I would move heaven and earth to make sure I was there for the experience. I drove up from Northern Virginia Friday night and was super excited for the entire 8 hour drive, and could barely sleep that night. I woke up repeatedly during the night because I was afraid of oversleeping. Once I arrived at the Elitefts S4 gym, I was awestruck just by the experience of walking into the gym and seeing all of the coaches and Elitefts athletes that were standing around talking. Everyone was incredibly friendly and super easy to talk with and once I met my coaches, Chris Duffin, Brandon Smitley, and David Allen, they immediately began answering questions and providing insight to the world of powerlifting and to the specific lifts. After the rules clinic, we started warming up for the Squats. The information and technique tips provided by the coaches was awesome and having them help us during the actual lifts, from wrapping knees to providing reminders to tighten up was invaluable during the actual lifts. I PR'd on both Squats and Bench, primarily due to the information given to me and the help with implementing the new techniques. The information provided for the Deadlift event was equally beneficial but unfortunately, for me, a PR was not to be had in that event but had my back been completely healthy, I know the new techniques would have pushed that much further. From start to finish, I was incredibly impressed with the entire event and extremely thankful for the opportunity to train and learn with Elitefts. Thanks a lot for the experience. - Chris Oliver

*The lifting environment and amount of knowledge at The Powerlifting Experience was second to none. My coaches provided instruction and coaching que's that helped me set several PR's. I have attended several certifications and clinics across the country that I have 3x+ more and did not learn nearly as much. -Bryan Doberdruk

*The Elitefts Powerlifting Experience was one of a kind. The atmosphere from the moment you walked in was incredible; the help and support the staff provided was phenomenal; and, the equipment was top of the line. - Brandon Wiseman

*The Elitefts Powerlifting Experience was an awesome opportunity to learn from the best in the sport of powerlifting, not only pertaining to training, but in the sport as a whole. It was an invaluable experience and will pay dividends to my future in powerlifting. - Logan Plumley

*If you want to be a real competitive powerlifter then you need to attend the EliteFTS Powerlifting Experience. You will be coached by world class athletes on all three lifts in a "meet" setting. The amount of advice, cues and tips I received I know I won't learn anywhere    else. Do yourself a favor and sign up for the next one. You won't regret it! - Mario D'Amico

*This experience was excellent all the way around. It was very affordable and I got my monies worth the second I stepped into the compound. Interacting with Elitefts team members and receiving one on one coaching from them was awesome. I went with the owner of my gym and we both walked away with countless bits of information to help us improve. From the second I stepped under the bar for my first set of warm ups guys like Brandon Smitley, Chris Duffin, and Dave Allen were coaching me with tips that would help me set 3 PRs on the day. This experience was awesome and I can't wait to go back! - Jimmy Kreinest

*The Powerlifting Experience was above and beyond any expectations I had going in, and they were pretty high to start. The chance to share what is arguably the most famous and intense platform and training facility on earth with some of the strongest and most knowledgeable lifters around doesn't come along very often, so when it did, I jumped at the chance. At first I thought the situation might be a bit intimidating for a relatively green lifter, but it turned out to be just the opposite. Upon arriving at the compound I felt welcomed immediately as Julia, Brian and Marshall all introduced themselves and greeted me on my way in the door. Along the course of the day, the entire team went above and beyond the call of duty to help everyone be their best, not just that day, but for many meets to come. The atmosphere was as intense as they come, and PRs shattered at a pace unlike any other training day could ever produce! Any lifter, whether beginner, intermediate, or elite level, would benefit from this experience. Whether you are planning a meet in the near future, thinking of competing for the first time, or have a decades worth under your belt, if you want to be your best, sign up. Now. Or I'll take your spot. - Steve Decker

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The elitefts™ Powerlifting Experience will be held at the world famous S4 Compound at 138 Maple Street, London, OH 43140.

From I-70:

Take Exit 79 – US 42S toward London

After 6miles Turn left onto Richmond St.

Richmond Street becomes Maple St.

Elitefts will be on the left hand side before the railroad tracks



Holiday Inn Express London-I-70
100 Holiday Trail NE, London, OH
(740) 852-2700

Motel 6
870 U.S. 42, London, OH
(740) 852-9415

West Columbus/ Hilliard

Hawthorn Suites by Wyndham Columbus West
5505 Keim Cir, Columbus, OH
(614) 853-6199

Super 8 Columbus West
5655 Feder Rd, Columbus, OH
(614) 851-1745

Hampton Inn Columbus-West
5625 Trabue Rd, Columbus, OH
(614) 851-5599

Best Western Suites - Columbus West
1133 Evans Way Ct, Columbus, OH

Comfort Suites
5547 Keim Cir, Columbus, OH
(614) 870-7658

Fairfield Inn & Suites Columbus West/Hilliard
5520 Maxwell Pl, Columbus, OH
(614) 643-4300

La Quinta Inn & Suites Columbus West - Hilliard
5510 Trabue Rd, Columbus, OH
(614) 878-8844

Red Roof Inn-Columbus West- Hilliard
5001 Renner Rd, Columbus, OH
(614) 878-9245

Southwest of London off 71

Quality Inn Washington Court House
10160 Carr Rd, Jeffersonville, OH
(740) 426-6400

Baymont Inn and Suites Washington Court House
11431 Allen Rd, Jeffersonville, OH

West of London off 70

Courtyard Springfield Downtown
100 S Fountain Ave, Springfield, OH
(937) 322-3600

Ramada Limited
319 E Leffel Ln, Springfield, OH
(937) 328-0123


65 W High St, London, OH
(740) 852-5150

23 E High St, London, OH
(740) 852-7798

KFC London
66 E High St, London, OH
(740) 852-4724

Ronetti's Pizza
23 S Main St, London, OH
(740) 852-1950 ‎ ·

262 Lafayette Rd, London, OH
(740) 852-2253

Burger King
234 Lafayette Street, London, OH
(740) 852-7669

Long John Silver's
66 E High St, London, OH
(740) 852-4724

1365 Sr 42 Ne, London, OH
(614) 879-5997

Los Mariachis Mexican Restaurant
289 Lafayette Rd, London, OH
(740) 845-1388

Bob Evans Restaurant
381 Lafayette St, London, OH
(740) 852-9287

Pizza Hut
232 Lafayette St, London, OH
(740) 852-3906

Donatos London
229 Lafayette Street, London, OH
(740) 852-2424

Cappy's Pizza
247 Lafayette Rd, London, OH
(740) 852-3984

Hot Head Burritos
1096 Eagleton Blvd, London, OH
(740) 490-7310

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Upholding a long-term relationship, all proceeds from The elitefts™ Powerlifting Experience will be donated to Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. The Make-A-Wish Foundation® is a non-profit organization that has been granting the wishes of children with life-threatening illness for 35 years. Make-A-Wish® believes that the fulfillment of wish experiences can be a game changer for these children. Your involvement in this experience directly affects Make-A-Wish® and the children they serve. Thank you.

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