WATCH: Basic Linear Speed Acceleration Drills in a Team Setting

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In this coaching video, Director of Education Mark Watts discusses some basic acceleration drill progressions for a team setting while elitefts intern Hunter Winans demonstrates.

One of the most difficult tasks for any coach working with non-track athletes is implementing drills that will carry over to enhances performance on the field or court. This video will provide some various starting drills to increase acceleration.

Apologies for Poor Sound Quality

Falling Starts

1. Flat Footed

2. On Toes

3. Knee Hug

4. Partner Assisted

5. Partner Assisted Knee-Hug (not shown)

6. Partner Resisted & Release (not shown)

7. Jump Back

Prone Start Series

1. 90 Degree Push-Up

2. 90 Degree Push-Up with Leg Reset

3. 90 Degree Push-Up with Leg Swing

Lateral Starts

1. Parallel Stance Review

2. Kneeling Start

3. SL RDL Start

4. Skater Jump Starts

Testing Starts

1. Set-Up

2. Shin Angles

3. Weight Distribution

Testing Athletes

1. Measure Stride Length

2. Use Video

3. Race

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Lateral Start Tutorial

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