50 Reasons: Why?

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Dave asked a simple question of one word – why?

1.)   “Because being weak and scrawny sucks in all aspects.” – Dustin

2.)   “To be the best there is…period.” – Jesse

3.)   “Because it gives me a focal point in a bust, tumultuous life.” – Joseph

4.)   “Because in the gym, nothing matters…your ex that just dumped you, shit from work, being late on bills. The weight doesn’t care about your problems. It’s trying to kick your ass, and your only choice is to kick its ass harder.” – Chris

5.)   “Every man needs challenges. Push your limits and try to find a breaking point. Or, as Wendler would say, ‘staying north of vag’.” – Dennis

6.)   “Because I want to.” – Joe

7.)   “Because strong people are more useful.” – Joshua

8.)   “Because someone told me ‘girls don’t know shit about strength and conditioning’.” – Lindsey

9.)   “Because the great high leader Macristonikla says it should be so. And it is so…” – Mandy

10.)    “A lot of people cannot do what I can. I have a gift and I choose not to waste it.” – Yuri

11.)    “Because I don’t settle for 100%.” – Ryan

12.)    “Weak people suck.” – Greg

13.)   “It helps me get through the day and makes me feel so much better. And growing in the Bronx and being weak isn’t an option.” – Andre

14.)   “Because the lessons and attitudes learned under the bar, carry over to ‘real life.’ When I stop training, I become undisciplined and lazy and more vulnerable to my worst enemy – myself.” – Benjamin

15.)    “Don’t know why. I just know that it HAS to be done. Besides little people are life’s speed bumps.” – Chad

16.)    “Because only the strong survive.” – Abraham

17.)    “Self-preservation. When the fight-or-flight response kicks in, it will allow me to do either or.” – Rob

18.)    “Because it’s the only place I can get away with wearing a singlet at 52 years old.” – James

19.)    “Because I can’t be a good example to my teenage sons and push them in the gym unless I do the same…” – Marjorie

20.)    “Therapy.” – Ken

21.)    “Because it’s hard and doing hard things makes you stronger.” – Jeremy

22.)    “Knowledge.” – Dean

23.)    “For the ringing in my ears and the blood in my nose.” – Ben

24.)    “Because straining on a ME squat or deadlift on the weekend bursts blood vessels in your eyes and that can be quite intimidating at work Monday morning.” – Todd

25.)    “Because people and society tell me no.” – Larry

26.)    “I could have answered that a long time ago. I don’t ask why anymore, it’s what I do.” – Jens

27.)    “Because no matter how strong you get, it will never become easy or lighter. When you get stronger, you put on more weight and it becomes a challenge again.” – Parker

28.)    “It brought me back from the brink. I was in a real bad way and headed for worse until the iron showed me that I could be better.” – David

29.)   “You’re only here for a little while, might as well make it count.” – Andrew

30.)    “It’s my sanity.” – Joe Kenn

31.)    “As the vampire needs blood in order to survive, I too need to survive by feeling the pain, the pleasure, the strain, the pull the press of the bar and its weight.” – Suzanne

32.)    “Because they tell you don’t.” – Brian

33.)    “Because I’d be REALLY grumpy if I didn’t, rather than just grumpy if I do!” – Ian

34.)    “I have way too much free time and picking up heavy shit kicks ass.” – Phil

35.)    “So I can better myself just a little each day.” – Joey

36.)    “Because the alternative is unacceptable.” – Tom

37.)    “Because it separates us from the sheep.” – Mike

38.)    “Wendler is my leader.” – Byron

39.)    “Why not?” – Brian

40.)    “Because they said I didn’t have enough ‘experience’.” – Donnell

41.)    “To stay sane.” – Baylee

42.)    “Gets no better than being vigorous.” – Chris

43.)    “To always have something to strive for.” – Ryan

44.)    “Because it’s really f&%$ing challenging and feels painfully great. And because I can.” – Ginger

45.)    “Because the doctors said I’d never be able to lift again. Well, F you modern medicine!” – Jeff

46.)    “An addiction I’ll never try to kick.” - Mike

47.)    “Because it keeps me out of the beer.” - Brian

48.)    “If you have to ask why, you’d never understand.” – Jeremy

49.)    “Because nothing else feels right and it’s about the only thing keeping me going.” – Casey

50.)    “Because this kid swiped a dessert from my lunch tray in first grade…” – Bobby

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