85 Things that Make You Say WTF?!?!

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  1. “When people ask me what powerlifting is.” – Matthew Middleton
  2. “When a ‘trainer’ has a 300 pound woman doing DB curls in front of a mirror.” – Jim Wertman
  3. “When someone says squatting is bad for the knees.” – Antonio Flores
  4. “The dipshit in the gym yesterday who was wearing a belt, while using the smith machine for bench, who tried to give me advice on how to bench.” – Kieran Dealio
  5. “Squats in the smith machine.” – Eirik Skoe Strand
  6. “Squats and knees phobia!” – Denis Drofenik
  7. “The guy who does only stationary bike for cardio at low RPMs, but takes a cigarette break every 20 minutes!” – Kev Goodin
  8. “People who look at me funny when I offer chalk…especially when they are doing heavy deadlifts.” – Yuri Harsh
  9. “People doing DB bench press for 3 sets and getting spotted on every single rep.” – Daniel Kelly
  10. “A thing that really make me say ‘WTF!’ was a skinny guy on the chest press that asked three people to help him ‘lift’ the max on the machine. The three guys lifted the weight for him and he started grunting to keep those 110 kg with his arm straight…No rep. No nothing. No eccentric. Just arms straight. After like five seconds, he dropped the weight down and started walkin’ as a big boy.” – Riccardo Calcagno
  11. “Squats and knees. After my fourth arthroscopy and staying away from squats, I said F it. Now, after I hit 315 pounds for reps, my knees have never been better.” – Mark Landy
  12. “When I get the question of whether I had surgery to lose weight. No, I actually did the work!” – Teresa LoSchiavo LaBanca
  13. “Going to the gym and people ask if you workout a lot. Why the f&%$ do you think we are there for?” – Bryon Cather
  14. “’I just want to tone…’ That’s a BIG time WTF!” – James Drebenstedt
  15. “People on BOSU balls.” – Alexander Butt
  16. “They guy wearing a belt while using the stack loaded leg press. I don't know what is worse the belt or the towel he has rolled up and taped he uses as a pillow.” – Dennis Thompson
  17. “KB dudes who can clean and press two heavy kettlebells for 15 minutes straight and yet look like they've never worked out in their life!” – Andy Moses
  18. “When people ask if me I'm doing this to 'tone up'” – Kati Schizofrenetic Rosser
  19. “Watching a guy do lever rows with a phone tucked against one shoulder. Way to train smart, Quasimodo!” – Mandy Trept
  20. “People using a neckpad to squat. What a joke!” – Dan Luckett
  21. "One guy loaded up weights on the leg press that he couldn't do. After the second partial rep, he launched himself off the seat and went airborne." - Reginald Wong
  22. "Curls in the squat rack. Shrugs and upright rows on the smith machine...I think the list is endless actually." - Ken Andrews
  23. "Universal health care." - Tony Stewart
  24. "I was doing some very light squat warm-ups on the power rack. A guy came up to me and said, 'You have bad form, you need to get a personal trainer.' About five minutes later, I looked to my right, and the guy was doing some low rep deadlifts...with 95 pounds." - Dean Wright
  25. "People that wear a weight belt and gloves for everything they do in the gym. WTF?" - James R. Anderson
  26. "People who spend hours on 'ab workouts.' I got an ab workout for them - go deadlift and clean. Those will work your abs." - Bobby Crandall
  27. "Saw two guys spotting someone that wasn't benching much. Worst part was the people squatting were screaming as if they were lifting their max. It was especially weird since the guy benching wasn't screaming at all and they were barely spotting." - Anthony Delgado
  28. "When people ask me how many more sets I've got left while I'm in the middle of a lift. Can't you wait for me to finish my eight reps, you moron?!?!" - Michael J. Urso
  29. "When workout partners no-show!" - Mike Short
  30. "Pink dumbells, crossfit and group fitness classes." - Pat Flynn
  31. "Typically...smith machine squats and curls that look like standing hyper extensions." - John Amore
  32. "Bench-only guys and record whores." - Travis Grenon
  33. "Getting crushed with less than 900 pounds on the bench." - Rob Luyando
  34. "My deadlift. You can laugh, but I just suck at pulling." - Ryan Messmer
  35. "People looking for shortcuts to greatness in all the crap magazines and Web sites." - Jamie Hunter
  36. "Walking into GNC, and seeing many of my rich classmates blowing their parents' money on Muscletech crap. I started to stop them, then was like f&*% it, they won't listen." - Josh Miller
  37. "Weak people with tribal tats on biceps." - Arren Rosen
  38. "Taking your 'special' bar from me by unracking me...only to put on a f&*%ing bench shirt for 315 pounds (with SHW bw) - man up dude." - Erika L. Medlin
  39. "My cousin constantly telling me to activate my core." - Michael Ramos
  40. "People who are on 'strict' diets, but have a cheat meal...EVERY DAY!" - Patrick McIntyre
  41. "What does that shirt thing do?" - Taylor Sams
  42. "Fanny packs, Justin Bieber and Snooky." - Dylan Ford
  43. "Squatting in the curl rack." - Martin Wong
  44. "People asking what I take." - Carl Reinhardt
  45. "A dumb ass with a four year degree in HISTORY and a CSCS certification - trying to correct my form when he's a machine queen and never squats, deadlifts or benchs." - Foster Neal Collins
  46. "The majority of things crossfit kids do...and their pompous attitudes." - Timothy Bald
  47. "People who look at my shirt and think EFS are my initials. On that same note, people who have never heard of EFS." - Francy Samedy
  48. "Looking pissed off and slamming down the weight...when they're tiny and have five pound dumbbells." - Trent Rodgers
  49. "Guys who want to be big, but not strong." - Gordon Lake
  50. "140-pound guys covered in Under Armour from head to toe yelling, 'Yeah buddy, light weight! Nothin' but a peanut!' While they do half squats in the smith machine wearing a bar pad." - Dustin Montana
  51. "Having to arrest a 10 year old girl, and she is so overweight, I had to hold up her rolls of belly fat to get the waist chain around her...WTF?" - Rita Anderson
  52. "HIIT strength programs." - Kevin Heiberger
  53. "Trainers in my gym who look like they haven't touched a weight set in their lives." - Bostjan Bavcon
  54. "Quarter squats." - David Laurent
  55. "People who have obviously gone to the darkside, yet claim to only be taking protein powder. Then they ask what other supplements I think they should be on." - Nick Tsourounis
  56. "Superbuff Metro Boot Camp Core-type workouts...I think I got all of them." - Brian Yarnell
  57. "Only going to 90 percent on the bench press." - Jerome Adams
  58. "This one is my all time favorite: using straps wrapped around the bar while on the bench, even while doing military press." - Marvin Funiestas
  59. "Chicks who are afraid of 'bulking up' when you tell them to lift heavier." - Shaun L. Smith
  60. "Shoulder pop on bench press." - Tanner Cardwell
  61. "When a random GUY comes up to me at the gym and says, 'Man, you have a nice chest!' WTF?" - Clive Kazmaier
  62. "People who think that yoga actually makes you strong. Also, people who think that because they're good at body weight stuff, it means they're strong." - Zae Johnson-Shwartz
  63. "Weak punks who put their 15 pound dumbbells back on the rack in the 100-150 pound dumbbell places!!!!! Like WTF! You can't carry that back to where it's supposed to go?! Also, when people leave their pads on the bar in the squat rack, or on the ground in the squat rack. Generally, I WTF at everything most people do in my gym." - Sean Howe
  64. "When grown men use floor inserts when they bench in competition. I am just mad because I am tall for the bench." - Brian Reed
  65. "When someone told me that you should squat with a close stance and try to keep your knees pushed inward and not out. Then he told me he bruised a couple of ribs doing that *facepalm* Yes, he still thinks hes right." - Brusce Tsab
  66. "When people say, 'I guess I'll try.'" - David Berger
  67. "When people say they're stronger because they can leg press more than I can squat." - Rogan Phillips
  68. "When my friends want to 'work out' with me, and after a deadlift day they want to ask why I didn't do curls, WTF!" - Eddie Baumgartner
  69. "The guy asking me for advice on wrist curls today, after telling me how he was training to promote fat loss...WTF?!?" - Jonas Dyhrfjeld-Johnson
  70. "Here's one I saw yesterday at the gym: A girl was bench pressing with pretty awesome form - This is the good part. Then the WTF! Moment: Her 'boyfriend' was 'spotting' her while one hand was occupied holding a cell phone he was talking on, leaning against the wall behind the bench, and using one hand to spot while looking at himself in the mirror. He was very much skin and bones, couldn't have weighed more than 80 pounds." - Cameron Lichtwer
  71. "When parents put dog leashes on their kids. God bless Disneyland." - Byung Kim
  72. "When 120 pound kids ask you how strong you are and then tell you that they know someone stronger." - Sean Kniss
  73. "140 pound high school kids that walk around the gym in wife beaters and baggy jeans with their arms stuck out due to their imaginary huge lats, doing bicep curls with their 20 pound dumbbells and talking to their buddies sitting on random machines people want to use. What a f*^&ing joke." - Kyle Fudge
  74. "When someone asks you how long it will take them to get to where you are at and are shocked to learn it is more than six months." - Jack Benimble
  75. "People that try to act 'crazy' in the gym. Either you are or your aren't." - Johnny Newstyle
  76. "People doing curls, benches and Obama." - Willis Manley
  77. "Tall and skinny guy that asks for a spot for 1/4 leg press with the max plates he can put on it." - Vincent Cossette
  78. "People doing half-squats and acting all swole after." - Lee Zhan Wei
  79. "A squat that looks like he's t-baggin' someone." - Trenton Rgnonti
  80. "People asking me what muscle I'm working out when I do farmer's walks." - Kevin Gustafson
  81. "Skinny kids who can't squat or bench bodyweight, asking me if I want personal training." - Robert Dorf
  82. "People who never train legs and posterior chain..." - Chad Clark
  83. "When I'm stronger than anyone bigger than me." - Daniel Beauchamp
  84. "The fact that the cardio area in a gym I saw is eight times as big as the area for free weight training." - Andreas Thies
  85. "People who can't total Elite." - Rob Schuack

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