Metal Gear Size Charts

Revised 1-11-2017

Please take note that our sizes charts have changed. Based on customer feedback we discovered that the original size chart was hard to understand and was running too big for most customers. Both of these issues have been changed with the new size charts and we thank you all for your suggestions and feedback. 

If you are still unsure of your size, please call one of our gear specialists at 888-854-8806.

1. Quick Call Center Sizing Tips

These tips come straight from our call center representatives. These are the tips they use when speaking to customers on the phone who have no idea what to get. We feel these should be considered when reading the size chart.


Pro: Go straight off your shoulder measurement in inches. Whatever your shoulders measure is the size you need.

Bash: Add 2 to your shoulder measurement. If your shoulders are 52, you would need a size 54 shirt.


Pro Briefs: Go straight off your PELVIS AROUND measurement (inches). If you measure 42 inches, you will need a 42 brief. 

All Suits (excluding Ace): Add 4 to your PELVIS AROUND measurement (inches). If you measure 42, you will need a size 46. 

Ace Briefs: Add 2 to your PELVIS AROUND measurement (inches). If you measure 42, you will need a size 44 Ace brief.

Ace Suit - Add 6 to your PELVIS AROUND measurement (inches). If you measure 42 then you will need a size 48. 

2. Metal Size Charts

*Metal Sport and Wear's official size chart



If your suit has Velcro straps or is a brief, then do not use the SUIT HEIGHT FROM CROTCH TO STRAPS in the selection of your size. If this is the case and your measurement falls into two of the three categories left, then this is the best suit for you to get. 

For briefs, if you fall into two of the three categories for your size, this is the best suit for you.

For suits without Velcro straps, if you fall into three of the four categories, then this is the best suit for you.

While the chart is in centimeters (cm) and inches (in), we highly recommended that you use centimeters (cm). The chart was designed for using this unit of measurement and was then converted to inches.


If you fall into three of the four categories, then this is the best size for you.

If you do not fall into any of the above groups, we suggest that you examine your body type and select the gear that fits YOUR highest or second highest priority measurement. In most cases, the highest priority will be the best gear for you.


Your gear should fit TIGHTLY. You will need help getting the gear on because most of the gear is not designed for you to get on by yourself. To help in the process, we carry Metal Suit Slippers and Metal Shirt Slippers.

The sizes of the gear HAS NOT changed so if you already know your size, stick with that.


3. Somotype Size Chart

*** Based on your actual body structure

 ECTOMORPH:  Small frame with long lean muscles


Highest priority measurements: PELVIS AROUND and SUIT HEIGHT FROM CROTCH TO STRAPS

Why: Based on your thin, long frame, the suit’s straps have to fit and will usually determine the rest of the suit. It is also important to look very closely at the hip measurement. If these two fall on the same size, this is the suit for you. If they do not or there is only one size difference, go with the PELVIS AROUND. If there are two size differences, select the size located between the two.


Highest priority measurement: CHEST AROUND 

Why: With your long arms, the sleeves usually will not be a problem to get into. The key of any shirt is to get the chest panel as tight as you can. While broad, your shoulders will not be as important to a great fitting shirt as your chest measurement.

Endomorph:  Small frame with long lean muscles


Highest priority measurement: PELVIS AROUND

Why: Your hips will always be larger than your legs. If you went by the thigh around, your hips would be too small and you would not be able to get the suit up.


Highest priority measurement: SHOULDERS AROUND

Why: This area of your body will generally be the hardest area of your upper torso so there will be less compression of the shirt in this region as you lift. If you solely base the shirt on your chest or arms, there is a good chance the shirt will end up being too big because of the compression it will have on these body parts.



Muscular and athletic with a medium-sized frame and wider shoulders


Highest priority measurement: THIGH AROUND

Why: Your legs are always going to be bigger than the other body types. While the hips ARE very important, it will not matter much if you can't get the suit up over your thighs.



Highest priority measurement: BICEPS TWO

Why: This is the same reason as the SUIT AND BRIEF. The shirt has to go over your arm.




Custom Orders
The Metal Line Power Lifting Equipment is imported from Finland and thus we are unable to customize or tailor orders at the time the order is placed.  

Back Orders
While we try our best to keep everything in stock some back orders may still occur. If an item is on back order it will notify you when the item in placed in to the online shopping cart. This notification will also inform you of how long the item will be on back order and when the next shipment is expected. If item is expected to be on back order for longer than 5 weeks we will have the item shipped directly to you from the manufacturer. 

All exchanges and returns are welcomed by EliteFTS. Just return the item with the exchange and return slip included with your order. If you no longer have this slip, write down your name, address, phone number and any information regarding the exchange or refund. Please note, any and all gear must be returned unused, unaltered, and free of liniment, baby powder, chalk or any other substances and returned within 7 days of receipt of shipment. A 25% restocking fee will be applied to all returns after 7 days. Please make sure to include your phone number in case we have to reach you with any questions regarding your exchange.