22 Tips To Open Your Own Small Business (ebook)

Interested in opening a business? Need help keeping your current business open? Are you interested in understanding the mentality behind a successful business? If you answered yes to one of these questions, 22 Tips To Open Your Own Small Business is for you!

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22 Tips To Open Your Own Small Business (ebook)

Author: Brian Schwab

One tip could save you thousands!

As much as Brian Schwab knows about strength training, he has learned just as much about running Orlando Barbell over the last 18 years. His goal in writing this eBook is to help entrepreneurs avoid making the same mistakes he made.

Table of Contents

1. Establish Credibility in Your Field of Interest
2. Decide What Kind of Business You Want to Open
3. Determine the Start-Up and Monthly Costs
4. Plan for Uncertainty
5. Use a Business Planning Program Software
6. How to Obtain the Necessary Capital
7. Find a Way to Invest Your Own Money
8. Location, Location, Location
9. Find a Niche
10. Register as a Business and Receive Your Tax ID Number
11. Decide What Form of Business to Establish
12. Hire a Business Attorney
13. Obtain Liability Insurance
14. Find the Most Inexpensive Merchant Processing System
15. Invest in High Quality Equipment
16. Don’t Outgrow Yourself
17. Don’t Be Greedy
18. Never Give Anything Away for Free
19. Capitalize on Inexpensive or Free Marketing
20. Find Multiple Sources of Revenue
21. Nip it in the Bud When Dealing with Difficult People
22. Never Give Up!

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