5/3/1 for Football: The Physical Development of a Hostile Team (eBook)

The complete guide to building gridiron warriors.

Authors: Jim Wendler and Bob Fitzgerald
171 pages

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531 for Football

5/3/1 for Football: The Physical Development of a Hostile Team (eBook)

by Jim Wendler and Bob Fitzgerald (The Angry Coach)

171 pages

From the Authors:

"Our goal with this book is to give you and your team the best training program out there – free of the fluff, BS, and crap that does nothing but waste your time. There are no gimmicks in this program.

As players and coaches, we understand what it takes to play this game, and we’ve watched as training for football has suffered greatly at the hands of both tradition and 'science.' Unfortunately, fault can be found with both approaches. All the sophisticated speed training in the world won’t help you if your athletes are fat and can’t perform a chin-up. All the gassers in the world won’t help you if your athletes are too weak to press their way off the ground.

This book was written to give you the best of practical experience and science. Both of us were average athletes who performed at higher levels simply because we worked harder at our physical preparation. That’s what made us better football players.

There’s tremendous wisdom in failure and grit, and good coaches and teachers are the ones that had to struggle to be good. Both of us, at one point or another, were players that everyone gave up on, and it’s that “failure and grit” that we both had to endure in order to get better. This is why we believe we’re qualified to write this book. We’ve done it. We’re among the scrappy few – or many – who had to run more, lift more and learn the game better in order to earn an extra minute or two of precious field time."

Table of Contents

  • Introduction – 5
  • Weight Room – 8
  • Annual Plan – 18
  • Workout Structure – 27
  • Warm Up – 33
  • Football Specific work – 46
  • Linear Speed – 53
  • Jumps and Throws – 63
  • Conditioning – 76
  • Jumps, Throws, Speed – First 8 Weeks (Skill) – 84
  • Jumps, Throws, Speed – First 8 Weeks (Linemen) – 92
  • Summer, 9 Weeks (Skill) – 99
  • Summer, 9 Weeks (Linemen) – 108
  • Summer Pre-Camp, 6 Weeks (Skill) – 117
  • Summer Pre-Camp, 6 Weeks (Linemen) – 124
  • Winter Strength and Conditioning: 8 Week Training Cycle – 132
  • Going into Summer: 9 Week Training Cycle – 147
  • Summer Pre-Camp: 6 Week Training Cycle – 156
  • In Season Training – 163
  • In Season Conditioning – 165
  • About the Authors - 167
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