5thSet for Powerlifting: Methodology for Training and Competition (eBook)

"5thSet is one of the most engaging, complete, and thoughtfully designed programming e-books I have ever seen. This guy's the real deal, and so is his program." — Dave Tate, Founder and CEO of elitefts

Author: Swede Burns
Length: 112 pages

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5thSet for Powerlifting

5thSet for Powerlifting: Methodology for Training and Competition (eBook)

by Swede Burns

112 pages

5thSet for Powerlifting is about more than results. The content for this eBook goes deeper than building strength. 

The program does work for everyone and it is logical, progressive, and scalable in a way that allows lifters of all experience levels to advance in the world of strength sports — but it goes further than short-term PRs.

For everything in 5thSet for Powerlifting, there is a reason. Swede didn’t mix together various training concepts at random, simply compiling programs until he found the right one. 5thSet was developed out of necessity and polished through the willingness to question the correct place for intensity, volume, technique, and hypertrophy work in a training program. Your success with 5thSet doesn’t rely on constantly pushing intensity, or increasing volume every week, or doing hours of hypertrophy work in hopes that size will translate to strength. 5thSet uses all of these things together, with intentional purpose and programming.

Eat the meat, spit out the bone.

Swede knows that it has all been done before, and he will be the first to say that he isn’t interested in selling you an old idea in a new package with a shiny ribbon on top. Most lifters know the concepts, but what Swede provides in 5thSet is how to use them. He bridges the gap between knowledge and ability.

What sets 5thSet apart from every other ebook you’ll find is the synergy of the system; the way it will allow you to go into the gym and just train and the manner in which it teaches you what works and what doesn’t.

Want to learn? This will teach you. Want to just lift? Have at it. You have the option of following any of his templates or using the foundation he provides to design your personal 5thSet program. It’s up to you.

This book will do more than tell you what sets and reps to do on a given day in a training program; it will teach you how to account for your own recovery ability and adjust accordingly. It isn’t only a program — it’s also a lesson in human performance.

5thSet is proven to make beginners into intermediates, intermediates into experts, and experts into masterful lifters. How far will it take you?

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Training
  3. Beyond the Beginning
  4. Setting Up your 5thSet Program
  5. Estimating 1RM’s
  6. Considering Recovery
  7. Selecting a Training Schedule
  8. Progressions
  9. Training Log
  10. Peaking for a Meet
  11. Meet Day
  12. After the Meet: What Now?
  13. Building a Custom 5thSet Program
  14. The 2nd Pressing Day
  15. 5thSet Custom Program Recap
  16. The Competition Lifts
  17. How to Warm-Up
  18. Gear Check
  19. MSM List (for each lift and weak point)
  20. Assistance Exercises
  21. The Elephant in the Room
  22. FAQ
  23. Templates
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