AbMat Thompson Fat Mat

Get proper positioning during floor presses the first time, every time!

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World-renowned powerlifter Donnie Thompson calls the Thompson Fat Mat, “An overall win-win situation for any lifter” and “One of the best products I can use for the floor press.”

Designed by the creators at AbMat to perfectly match the dimensions of the Thompson Fat Pad bench cushions, the Thompson Fat Mat supports your shoulders with its expanded size and enables proper positioning by filling the arch between the floor and your spine so you can safely handle more weight during your powerlifting sessions.

The Thompson Fat Mat is proudly made in the USA and is identical in quality and construction to the original AbMat, just with expanded dimensions. And the Fat Mat works equally as well with or without the Thompson Fat Pad. It is truly a convergence of innovation, combining the innovation of the original AbMat with that of the Thompson Fat Pad to bring you a useful and necessary product.

No more driving your hips into the bar during floor presses or struggling with proper positioning, the Thompson Fat Mat puts you in position right from the beginning so you can focus on achieving your lifting goals.

“Make things easy, make ’em right. I love my Thompson Fat Mat.” —Donnie Thompson

Inventor: Donnie Thompson, AbMat Team

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