Adjustable Soft Board Press Handle

It's a two for one.  Your one board also has a soft pad. The transfer of energy can be maximized with both surfaces to increase performance.


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Adjustable Soft Board Press Handle


A few years ago we began using 1/2 foam rollers to bench press off to ease the stress to the shoulder joint at the bottom of the bench. Jokingly we called these "The Manpon Press" and shot some great U-tube videos using it for bench presses and chain press. We have now advanced to what we call "The Professional Manpon" and made it adjustable. The problem is the powers that be will not let us call it "a manpon" so if it will now be known as a boring Adjustable Soft Board Press Handle. THE BASE PRICE IS FOR ONE (1) SOFT PAD AND ONE BOARD. ADDITIONAL BOARDS ARE ADJUSTABLE AND SOLD SEPARATELY.

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