Bench Press: The Science (eBook)

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Bench Press: The Science (eBook)
Josh Bryant is considered the top trainer of powerlifting and bodybuilding super stars. He currently trains several of the top raw bench pressers and world record holders, and he was the youngest person ever to bench press 600 pounds raw. This uniquely qualifies him to write this groundbreaking book that spells out scientifically proven methods to increase your bench.

The info in this book is specifically directed to increasing your raw bench, something that will drive up the personal records of both raw and geared lifters. This book is a science-based approach to helping you build the pressing power of a hydraulic car jack but with the explosiveness of an angry mountain gorilla. Josh presents a balanced approach between science and his years of personal experience coaching the best of the best.

In his writing, Josh not only explains how to improve your bench but the reasons why these methods will work.

You will learn:

ユ Compensatory Acceleration Training practically applied to the bench press

ユ Isometric methods that have been kept secret until now

ユ Bench press specific plyometrics and throws

ユ Partial movements specific to the raw bench press

ユ Bands and chains for the raw bench press ユ Routines used by champions

ユ Miscellaneous science that can increase your bench press

After implementing what you learn in this book, you will bench more!


"Great book Josh, just got done reading it some really great concepts. It is Officially the Bench Press Bible"
- Eric Spoto
All Time World Record Holder - Raw Bench Press 722 Pounds

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