Box Squat Pad with Head Sleeve - Soft

Box Squat Pad with Head Sleave-Soft

A softer version of our original. 

  • Sink in
  • Color sticks out for easy spotting
  • Quick and easy cleanup

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Box Squat Pad with Head Sleave-Soft 

The Box Squat Pad with Head Sleave-Soft is a softer version of our original box squat pad. This pad has much more “give” and allows you to really sink in the box.

Over the past year, we have been asked to make a soft box for squatting. We started with a mock of a footstool that broke down very fast. We then moved to a padded box squat box but realized the price would be too high for most buyers. 

We were left with a foam pad that would sit on top of a Box Squat Box. Then it hit us that a foam pad is a HUGE sponge and there is nothing worse than the thought of squatting on a damp pad that was just used by a 355-pound lineman, not to mention the nice staph infection.

Back to the drawing board, we finally figured it out…

The Box Squat Box Pad is a 5-inch high pad built to the same dimensions as our best-selling box squat box. Just lay it on top of your existing box. 

We have also added an elitefts plastic sleeve for added coverage protection (and easy cleanup). 


  • Dimensions: 18”x18”
  • Thickness: 5”
  • Color: Royal Blue
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