Activations and suspension strap planks and fall outs. Plank 15 sec, 5 fall outs, 15 second plank

Neutral grip pulldowns 10x10

One arm green band rows 5 reps per arm for 5 minutes

Was not feeling any pressing inside today so went out and did some upper body press and static work. Two laps about 180 reps press, one lap static holding a stretch press position at bottom

Three laps prowler after light. Although it did not seem light at all. Felt more like I had 40 more pounds on it. I also went the opposite direction to change it up the last couple of days. Sorta feels like I am starting over.  This is what I was after.


At the kidney doc, in the am and back and forth at the job site all day so no activations.  Kidney function has been rising steadily the last couple of CT scans checking for the any return of the cancer from last summer.  My GP was very concerned and sent me to the specialist.  From what the doctor told me the cisplatin used during the chemo can be highly destructive. So this visit was to start ruling out all other possibilities before we conclude the scarring from the chemo sessions.  Usually a 40% loss of function is what we were told.  If so I still have 60% and I am still in remission so I will say thanks and be grateful.

Did manage 2 light heavy laps and one no weight lap on the prowler.  Gotta keep the streak alive.  Just till the end of September unless I just get dumber and roll on into Oct. Doubtful, as I am not really into going back to the stepmill.


Actvations and ab work

REverse hypers 6x10

Prowler three laps light heavy

Mixed in some light tire flipping tlll the assholes next door just had to park out back and could not go the other GD way to get by my tire action.  Was working gingerly with the bicep being funky monk mad.



Back work several set

Three laps prowler light, one no weight




Bandbell bent over rows 4x8

Hammer row 5x10

Bench bandbell theme work 6x8

Straight leg quarter dips 4x12

Prowler 1 heavy(45lb and 25Lb per arm), 1 light , 1 no weight, 1 walk


Prowler 3 light, 1 no weight


Activations with ab work

Reverse hypers 4 pre, 2 postx12

RDLs, same as last week 315x2x16 sets, one minute rest per set.

Prowler 2 laps med, 1 walk


Activations with one minute planks

Bench press speed work 6x5 with a couple drop sets

Green band overhead tricep 5x10 and  1.5 rope. Did standing rows 8x8 as well

Fat bell rows 5x6 per arm

Prowler 3 laps light, bested 20:10 time with a 19:20. First time going 1.5 laps nonstop.  Did not expect that at all which is normally how it goes. Just rolled with it. breathing was under control. Still judo choppy on the legs. Seems like the more I focus on controlled inhale and exhale, the less I can  lengthen the strides. Probably also , it is alittle boring being the third month of this.


Activations with long strap ab pulldowns

Back work neutral grip pulldowns 8x10

Prowler 2 laps with med heavy

So today a almost seventeen year grudge got even stevened.  Way in the early days with the old lady we would joke around alot and still do to this day about getting choked out. Well playin around one day way back when we were playing around and was chocking her joking saying tap out. She being the strongheaded person she is would not and I kept joking with her thinking she was good. Her eyes zeroed in on me and did not leave me.  I thought she was being a tough guy jack ass so I kept going. She started sinking alittle bit and I let up and she dropped alittle , well maybe more.  In the horsing around I went too far, but she was never gonna let me know that.  I felt really bad for playing too rough for a very long time. We made jokes about it off and on. But she never let me forget about that time I choked her out-never, ever, never....

Today I was feeling tense with all the stresses from the building , life, people etc.   Normal shit.  I was standoffish the night prior and most of the day-not able to free from the funk. At these times when I know I need some activations by human touch I will ask. She has her spots that constantly get blocked and I have mine. Mostly in my neck, head, chin area.   I do rag her about being addicted to activating those spots and in Sue fashion she gave that right back to me.  Guess that should have been a sign of foreboding that the universe was gonna realign itself TODAY.  I am seated in one of the office chairs(not the best move in retrospect) She digs in my levator scap first. This one of the activations that frees me the most and seperates my mind from anxiety , stress, anger etc.   That goes well.  I have her dig in at teh back of my jaw along with the massuter. This is the angry spot for alot of people in general, but guys mostly.   She breaks this up and I am feeling light headed and better.  She works the length under the jaw to the chin.  This is a spot I work on alot by myself for relief.   I also work the turkey giblet under the chin. This is a stronger relief point for me. And the trouble begins. She has worked this spot before but usually no lower then midneck. In order to get at this area better, she has me lay my head back.   I do so and she begins to activate and work the area.  As she works down I feel like my eyes roll up in my head(she says no , but they just got wide open) She goes down past my mid neck....I think

The next thing I know I am jolting awake and extremely disoriented almost  seizure-ish trying to gain my composure. Apparently I just got knocked the F out!  I am looking around to see if anyone saw this and unfortunately Ryan(Spud inc guy) witnessed it all along with half the gym.    She thought I was just really zen with the moment until I started tipping over like a tree and then woke up. After a minute I was okay but she really did think I was having a seizure.  So now I am spontaneous nap boss and a 17 year later hell hath no fury like a women's scorn revange is complete. That's alot of plotting....

As White Goodman from Dodgeball said, "Go ahead and make your jokes...Mr Jokey"  Touche Susan JF Bartley Touche...