Crippling soreness.  And I love it.


Still need to train legs tomorrow but managed to finally get to the Chiro this week after almost 4 weeks.  I was getting anxious as I could feel my back getting tighter and was reminded that this is exactly how I have injured myself in the past.  I just had so much crap to get done that there wasn't enough time to get there.   My Chiro being almost 70 miles round trip doesn't help, either.  Price I pay for living in the mountains as opposed to the big city, I guess.


I get tired of detailing the lameness of my workouts because on paper they are incredibly boring whether I am progressing well or not.  I have decided to still lay out my workouts but only on occasion.  I would prefer to discuss ideology and what is going on in my head for planning and things of that nature.  Far less boring ... I think.


One of my credos for this off season is to do what I haven't always done so I figured I would give some examples for each muscle group that I am focusing on this off season:


Abs -  less isolated work for just the abdominal wall and more of what I call "hinge work" like doing reverse crunches where I lie flat on a bench and from a position with my legs straight, I pull my knees to my chest.  I am also doing assisted decline situps, as well.  I plan to show these exercises (not just the ab exercises) in videos for future log entries.

I am also doing a lot of intercoastal and serratus work this year to thicken this area up.  When I did this in 09 it helped me quite a bit to give my midsection a better look.


Chest - more dumbbell flye work and higher reps instead of the typical low rep (6 to 8 reps) pressing that hasn't helped my chest in more than a few years.


Back - I am focusing more on different grips than just different exercises.  However, dumbbell pullovers are going to be a mainstay in my back protocol this off season because I believe they help considerably for width.  I am also doing a lot of underhand grip rowing and latt pulling/chins.  This grip I have not used much in the past.


Delts - PBN and this exercise is progressing well for me and already adding to my shoulder development.  I am also playing with some angles for dumbbell upright rows and these are going to make a big difference, as well.  I will get a video of these up soon, too.


Tris and Bis - my arms aren't very weak, relative to everything else but I am still looking for change so I am using a lot of neutral grips for different angles of dumbbell extensions.  I have a video to show form.   These started out very, very weak and are progressing well.
For biceps I am focussing more on "peak" type exercises so instead of dumbbell curls standing I do them facing into  an incline bench and I am also using narrow, undergrip latt pulls to the chin as a finisher.  Awesome movement to finish with.




Traps -  I haven't directly trained traps in years and I have gone back to doing shrugs.


Calves -  I have good calves these days so no special changes are being used for calves.


Quads and hams  -  This is a huge challenge because as great as my back feels, I still have to be careful and smart.  I have gone back to free squatting but ... I am not sure that is a great idea.  It feels ok but this is a really vulnerable position for my lower back.  I am unsure as to whether I will keep these or not.
Hacks are a mainstay that hammer my quads and don't bother my back.  Leg presses are good as long as I am not too deep.
My focus on legs is not as much poundage but digging deep into the muscle and working the hell out of it.   I am not confident that my back can handle heavy leg training so I find other ways to keep intensity high and TUT high.

I am also doing adductor and abductor work to help fill out my legs from the front and back by providing more width.


I had my blood work done on Wednesday so I am hoping to get those results on Monday and then I plan to kill this off season.... as much as a 45-year-old father of four can, anyway.