Ok, I lied about the pics but now that you are here you might as well read .....


Not a ton but progress is progress.  Especially now that I am focusing on movements that I don't have a long history of doing in the past 30 years.  example:  my benching strength isn't up but my dumbbell flye weights are higher than they have ever been.


Trained arms on Thursday and stretched and then trained legs on Saturday.    I will have to flex this schedule in about a month as my son's baseball season starts and my daughter's softball season starts.  For now, though, I absolutely love training legs on Saturdays so that I am not pressed for time (I always seem to be racing the clock in the p.m. for my weekday workouts).  I also love, love (that means I like it a lot) that I get Mondays and Thursdays off from the gym because not only do I get 2 days of solid work without interruption but the timing of the 2 days being on those particular days is huge.


Arm day and leg day I still utilized supersets as this was the theme for the week.




3 sets of rope pressdowns

supersetted overhead skip extensions with 2 dumbbells and the hammer dip machine for 3 supersets

supersetted EZ bar skull crushers and overhead single dumbbell skip extensions for 3 supersets



3 sets of cable curls

supersetted EZ barbell curls and undergrip and narrow latt pulls to the chin for 3 supersets

supersetted hammer machine preacher curls with hammer grip dumbbell curls for 3 supersets




3 sets of standing calf raises with 2  rest pauses

supersetted horizontal calf press and standing calf press on the hack squat machine for 3 supersets

3 sets of seated calf raises


Quads and Hams

Safety bar squats for 3 sets and I like how they feel on my legs and back but not on my neck.  I tried several times to get the bar to sit lower on my traps and couldn't get it to.  It limited the weight I could use but I will revisit these and see if I can find a way to take pressure off of the back of my neck.  It was so bad that when I was done with the set I felt like I had to be careful to not pass out.

Supersetted leg extensions and hack squats for 3 supersets

Supersetted seated leg curls and Cybex angled leg press for 3 supersets

3 sets of adductor machine

3 sets of abductor machine

Did not have time to get lower back done but I did hammer lower back on back day with supersets of long pulley rows and dumbbell rows.


No change to my meals this week and likely not next week, either, as things are good right now with digestion vs. food intake.  I am not happy with my body composition right now but I can't expect much with a 211 test level, either.  My main focus during this time has been to keep as much strength as possible and still progress either a rep here or there or 5 lbs. and that is happening so I won't complain.


Looking forward to the Skipload tomorrow.


Hope you all have a great Sunday!