"Dick Skin" just doesn't sound right to me. I'm no prude or angel, but it sounds de classe and I'm not 19 any more. So, I'm going with eyelid skin.

This week has gone just as well as last week though I admit to having a few pings here and there.

Though it is getting better, the oblique issue is still there. It hasn't been an obstacle for my training, but I am making sure to use supported machines for any rowing for my back training. I am still able to train heavy, though, and the only time I notice it is usually when I sleep (prefer not to sleep on that side) and if I set at my computer for a long time and then get up.

Every now and then my ankles will bother me and I have no idea why. It is incredibly minor but it just kind nags at me while doing calves. It is on the front and slightly to the side of my ankle and I only feel it when I am in complete plantarflexion. The best way to explain it is like a very mild sprain. I then have to warm up significantly more than usual and then I can train them.

Knees ache pretty badly but not in the gym while training them -- only while out of the gym.  They actually feel better the couple of days after a leg session than a couple of days prior to one.

Again, nothing major that is holding me back, but enough to note the issues as I am constantly working around something. Part of it is age but the other part is just bodybuilding. If you aren't working around something, at some point, do you even bodybuild, bro??

I ended up taking my weight after the first week and was at 236 on Monday. By Saturday, I was down to 232. I have not loaded or even done one high-carb day, yet. I was holding a ton of water as I explained in my last coach log and it took a while for that water to dissipate. Of course, being 2 weeks into this phase now, I am clearly leaner, too. 

My schedule looks like this right now and I plan to keep it this way with as little variation as possible (though things do constantly change based on my body's feedback):

I train 2 on and 1 off with a split over 4 days, so it looks like this:

chest/delts/abs  -  heavy

back/rear delts - heavy


arms/calves - heavy

legs - abs - heavy


chest/delts/abs - same weights as the last rotation but push for more reps

back/rear delts - same weights as the last rotation but push for more reps


arms/calves - same weights as the last rotation but push for more reps

legs/abs - same weights as the last rotation but push for more reps


OFF  - on this off day I do a high-carb day utilizing my "Skip Bowl" high-carb meals listed in a previous coach log.

I then repeat the rotation cycle with another 4 days heavy and then 4 days same weights but this time I change up the exercises in some fashion.

I plan to only skipload every 4 to 6 weeks as it stands right now. This may change as I get more depleted down the road but this is the plan right now.

I plan to be below 230 by the beginning of March and likely will be there in as little as another week, so I consider myself at least on schedule and probably ahead of schedule, slightly, at this point. The month of March is supposed to have be below 220. I plan to use a fat burner in March so these numbers should be met without much of a problem.

In short, everything seems to be on track right now. I am splitting my time between several gyms right now just for variety of equipment and especially for back and legs so that I don't irritate this oblique as it continue to get better. I hope to try to row without support in about 4 weeks.