I almost feel guilty talking about my progress this last week with everything going on. However, I think it's fair to keep in mind that during difficult and stressful times, we need an outlet more than ever.  

We don't have much of any control as to how this virus plays out, whether we can go to work or not, go out to eat or even workout. Those decisions are being made for us right now (and I am not saying this is a bad thing -- just making the point).  With so little control over what is going on, I find solace with my training more than ever.  I NEED (and I think we all do) an outlet and something that I still have complete control over.  

I keep preaching to my clients that you basically have NOTHING ELSE to do right now; you might as well stay on your diet and get leaner and keep training in some capacity, even if you have to train at home with limited resources. The alternative is that you sit around eating Cheetos and hot dogs and undo all of the progress that has been made over the last weeks and months.  I wouldn't consider it much fun, anyway, to sit around and eat like a hog by myself. I might as well keep bangin'.  

I am fortunate because I still have access to a gym. I am considered an employee so I am able to train at a fully-equipped gym in Miami. It takes a while to get there but it's damn sure worth it.  It is hot as balls training there because there is no air-conditioning, but I freakin' love it. My shirt was soaked through tonight while training legs.  


Getting groceries was tough earlier in the week due to so many people panicked and hoarding food. However, by the end of the week (at least here in SoFlo), the hysteria has died down a bit and the grocery stores are fully stocked, again. It also wasn't crazy busy -- basically, just another day at the grocery store.   In general, there's just a lot of anxiety right now with everyone not knowing how bad things will get and how long all of these restrictions are going to last. I have my opinions but everyone has an opinion right now and no one (including me) has any real idea, so I will keep my opinion to myself.  

I have had incredibly productive workouts this week and my condition continues to improve. However, I have been stuck at 221 for the last 5 days. I trained legs tonight so I should break the 220 mark tomorrow morning. I usually drop after leg day.  If I do break the 220 mark, I will do a high-carb day and if I don't, I will skip it and not do the carb day until after this second (lighter) training cycle over the next 5 days. I feel I am tighter than last week and I have increased my strength from last week, as well. I may be recomping just a little bit but I would still feel better hitting that 220 mark tomorrow. I'm just being honest.  

I have one more week (next week) using this current fat burner and I plan to not touch my diet for next week, either, and will elect to skip the high-carb day if needed (tomorrow). I will almost certainly need a change to the diet after next week, though, when I drop the fat burner.

I also an contemplating increasing my NEAT by doing a walk every day when I get up for 30 minutes. I would count this as NEAT instead of cardio simply because it would be a chill walk and nothing to force my HR terribly high. Basically, I just want to get out and be more active instead of being cooped up at home. Plus, I have a cat stroller so I can take Linus or Zuri with me.

My Savannah cat, Zuri, in the cat stroller

          Stay safe and hopefully we will all be in a better position in a week.      

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