So I've been doing my physical therapy but I have also been doing some light upper body. Last night was bench night and I decided to jump in with the Team.  Early in the day I went to lunch with Angela and decided to be brave and go by the mall. Well that was no joke walking in there. I did pretty good but my hip did hurt a bit. More tight than anything. Mostly where they cut through my muscle to get to my hip. Numbness in left foot is still there but much better.  So after the walking I felt good about getting in some light exercise.  I wanted to see what if felt like since I will be walking at the Arnold quite a bit in a couple of weeks.  When I got home I was exhausted and definitely took a nap before training.  When I got up to go train I felt great. I walked down stairs and started warming up.  Short work out went like this.

Pause Benches 155x10, 231x5, 275x5, 319x1, 341x1, 275x5,

Peck deck 3x15,  Band pull aparts 3x25 Rotator cuff cleans 3x15

I did not a all plan this workout out. I went by feel. My feet were on the bench for some sets and I had my left leg straight out for 341. I did not use any leg drive at all.