4 Ab Series You Should Try

Who doesn't love a good ab series?

While doing 100 situps a day may not create a six-pack, we know by now that ab work (or core work) is vital in getting stronger and staying healthy. Just like any other muscle, when you do train it, you build the muscle underneath.  By leaning out with proper nutrition, then you can show and display the muscle. (Hello 6 pack.)

Here are a few series I've done myself and with clients lately.  Give them a try!

 Series #1

Leg raises x12
Single leg leg raises x10 each
Knees to chest reverse crunch x12
Body saw planks x30 sec

REPEAT 3 times

Series #2 - Stability ball

Ball knee tucks x10
Ball pikes x10
Stir the pot x10 each direction

REPEAT 4 times

Series #3 

Side plank w/ top leg lift x10 each
Side plank w/ bottom leg lift x10 each
Paloff press x10 each
Banded woodchoppers x10 each

REPEAT 3 times

Series #4 - Med Ball

MB alternating V-ups x8 each
MB toe touches x15
MB Slams x10
MB rotational slams x8 each

REPEAT 3 times


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