Wednesday night is generally deadlift night. I usually would deadlift  with the group of guys at 7:30pm. Because I know I'm not ready to deadlift with that group yet I pulled earlier with Angela while training her and Shannan. This way I would not be enticed to go heavier.  I have great intentions but sometimes ego can get the best of me. I know better so I made the right choice.

My left hip is the one that was replaced.  As I stretched it was very hard to loosen up. The glute area that was cut has about a 6 inch scar or more on it. I know it's still healing but I also have to keep moving it or that scar tissue will effect my range of motion.

Unlike normal I stretched before so I could grab the bar.

Deadlift 135x5x3sets, 185x5, 225x5, 275x5, 315x3, 325x3x2

Shrugs 225x15, 315x15x2

GHR 3X10

Upper back assistance on Thursday

6 weeks post-op deadlifts