Training has finally started to come around to a point where I don't feel like an adolescent 12 year boy. My TFL issue is clearing up well, and is making squats more enjoyable and less sucky.

The goal for squats was to work  4 sets of doubles at 80% then an AMRAP set at the end. I ended up hitting 405x9, I counted 10. I was happy with the outcome of this set for two reasons.

1. My bar path and form looked the best it has so far

2. It wasn't a strength issue that was preventing me from getting more reps. It was a gas tank issue. My conditioning and endurance sucks.

Warm ups went: Bar,135,225,275,315,365,

Work sets were 405x4x2 + 1AMRAP.  Here is the video of the AMRAP 405x9


After squats I moved to more squats. Paused squats with 315. 3 sets of 5 for long pauses. I like these for two reasons. 1. They help build strength out of the whole. 2. They make you fight to keep perfect form in the whole. Basically just do more work in the whole! Here's a set from them.


After squats I moved to banded RDLs with the orange medium bands (2). 4 sets of 12-15. I progressed weight each set. Hit some banded sissy squats, low back work, and abs after. Looking forward to training this week!