Jumping back into the swing of things squats are progressing slowly but in the right direction. If anyone has jumped back and forth between bodybuilding and powerlifting the types of fatigue are completely different. The heavier CNS fatigue beats me up more than then muscular fatigue from hypertrophy training. At least it will continue to get easier and my body will adapt up to a point.

Squatting 2x a week DE and ME might not have been the brightest idea. I've made worse mistakes in my life and have survived. Now, as Swede stated in his latest article, I'm suffering the consequences of my actions, and am dealing with some bursitis in my hip.

Bursitis is inflammation of a bursa. In the hip there are two bursas that are most commonly inflamed. Your trochanteric bursa and your iliopsoas bursa, mines the first. Its constant pain, inflammation, and soreness. This not only is affecting my training but sleeping is a bitch. I now sleep on the complete opposite side that I'm used to, which makes for poor sleeping and recovery. Here is how I'm handling it.

Moving forward I will squat slightly above parallel for a while to take stress off the hip and IT-band. I will  try and keep inflammation at bay with BPC-157 and TB-500.  A daily rub down with DMSO and some additives will help as well. Hip mobility and soft tissue treatments will be weekly occurrences as well. So with that in mind here were squats.

Squats w Duffalo Bar: 5/3/1 3x3 day.

Warm-ups went, Bar, 135,225,275,315,

3x3: 365x3, 405x3, 450x3 The last set was rather painfull so I opted out of my 80% back down sets and moved to my secondary movments DL.

DL: 75% at 5x5 at 480 This went rather well and the grip held as well

Went back to squats with the SSB to a high box with a wide stance. The combination of the two felt better on my hip.

1 warm up set of 225 then hit 275 x8 and then 3 sets of 8 at 315. Was sucking wind after this lol.

3 Progressive sets of kb banded SLDL 10,12,15, reps respectively and ab roll outs 4 sets of 10. Did some hip mobility post and called it a day.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions regarding my training or program please feel free to ask away.