I've always had banged up pecs stemming from multiple pec tears. Usually ones shit and the others good and they decide to do that back and forth to make my benching miserable. I'm having to introduce more recovery training sessions to push blood.

Saturday was DE bench. Started my chain cycle at 60% straight weight and about 80# in total chain. 10 sets of 3 for three weeks. I don't do the three different grips, I just add in some wide high rep bench sets in after.

225x10x3 with 80# chain weight

2 sets 25 reps with 185 extra wide bench press

KB stability bench with bands 44lb KB. 3 sets of 10-15 reps. Video is on my Instagram (Jcolley242).

Shoulder pump stuff, lateral raises, front raises, rear delt sled drags and then a bunch of high rep bicep and triceps stuff.

I wanted to put this shoulder exercise up because I've been playing with it recently and I feel it transfers over perfectly for the bench press. Depression, internal to external rotation, retraction, elbow and wrist stability, pronation to supination, it has it all. Give it a try following the recommendations I listed on my YouTube channel.