Training has been going well despite a slight increase in patients and travel therapy. I was in Detroit last week for a therapy clinic, about three days, this left me with little time to train but was happy to return home and start the week off.

I'm battling some nagging things stemming from "to much, to soon" syndrome. This is a very fancy diagnosis therapists often use. It just means I have an ego and it had to get checked. So adjusting a few things

-More recovery sessions

-Condense accessory training (decrease volume/keep intensity)

-4 week cycle of football bar bench press

-keep up with recovery modalities (stem, cupping, graston, ART)

I've changed my accessory back day to a more specific approach. I'm taking two to three exercises that I know transfer over well to my main lifts and shooting for higher rep PRs. This will fall in the 20-30 rep ranges. The goal is to add some hypertrophy while leaving myself enough time to recover between heavy days. This means intense, heavy(relative), and quick (efficiency). Here's how back training went along with a few vids of some back accessories with a couple tweaks!

Back Training 7/4: Lat/lacrosse ball soft tissue work. Lacrosse ball in teres minor area

Band Assisted pull-ups: warmed up with 3 sets of 10; progressed to 5 sets of 10 with a band tension that allowed me to fail around 10-12 reps

Main movement 1: High Rep no Strap DB rows: 1 set of 30; increase weight next set and went 1 set of 20.

70lbs x 30 reps

80lbx20 reps

Main Movement 2: Deficit SLDL



I will log both of this exercises and beat rep numbers each week for one 4-+week wave and then pick two new exercises

Band Resisted Thoracic Extensions: 3 sets of 20-25 reps. Video below.

Lat Pull downs: This is something that erks me. The lats play a static role in the squat and DL basically and to a smaller extent in the bench press. So why do people insist on letting their lats and scapula get yanked up to the ceiling on lat pull downs. Train the way you compete. Here's a constant tension based lat pull where the ROM ends when my elbow reach full extension. I just did 4 progressive sets up to 210.

* I'm focusing on a posterior tilt with my pelvis and really trying to push my chest through to initiate the movement and not extend from the lumbar*