I have been competitively powerlifting for over 20 years. Within that time I have competed raw, single ply and multi ply. I hold the highest all time total of 1930 at 148, the third highest total of 2045 at 165 and have broken over 35 world records, over 25 of which I still hold. Through the years in this sport I have learned a great deal from various training methods, met and formed long lasting friends, as well as learned the importance of balancing life, work, and training.

Elitefts accepted me as a team member over ten years ago and I am currently the longest standing still competing powerlifter on the site. I appreciate Dave Tate and Elitefts for giving me the opportunity to learn from and teach others through the Q&A and my training log.

In 2005 I opened Orlando Barbell – a 24 hour powerlifting friendly gym. As well as running Orlando Barbell I designed and sell the Home GHR, the OBB Power Handles, the Doorway Home Gym, and wrote the 12 Weeks to a Bigger Bench EBook.

My latest contributions were writing the M2 Method EBook, designed to be the quintessential Raw Powerlifting training manual for beginners to advanced lifters looking to get stronger and prevent injury while incorporating the powerlifts and The M2 Equipped Training Ebook, the only ebook designed specifically for equipped lifters.

10 mins treadmill

PVC rolled on:
Lower back, shifted to right and left
Upper back, shifted to right and left scapula w/hips up

Supine Face Pulls w/Spud Straps-

High Rep Incline DB Press-

Single Arm Meadowish Rows w/T-Bar-

Single arm grip work with the Gripper-

Standing DB Hammer Curls-

Single Arm Cable Tricep Pressdowns-

Many of you may have seen, or at least heard about, the new Netflix documentary titled “What the Health?” It was the first Netflix suggestion that popped up for me a few weeks ago, otherwise I may not have ever even watched it. Here’s the trailer:

I’m well aware that documentaries, as well as studies for that matter, can and will be skewed to meet their agenda. I also realize that info in general needs to be taken with a grain of salt (no pun intended). However, from my point of view, I have an autoimmune disease that no one can provide an explanation as to the cause of. I’ve tried going gluten free with no improvement. I’ve tried going dairy free with no improvement. I’ve tried reducing my intake of processed foods with no improvement.

From an ethical standpoint I’ve considered cutting out meat for a long time. I love animals and am pretty sure given the opportunity I could befriend a cow just as well as a dog. Our dog Tank is kind of like a cow anyway.  Up until now I have to admit that I haven't wanted to watch the graphic videos of how they're killed, but realize that's ignorant of me not to.

I realize that not eating meat or becoming a vegetarian or vegan is not the typical powerlifting way to go and may be frowned upon, but from both an ethical and health standpoint it makes sense to me. My goal was never to be normal or to fit in anyway. I may not ever be able to completely eliminate meat and will most likely still incorporate some seafood, eggs, and cheese.

Interestingly most of the diets recommended to combat Ulcerative Colitis are meat based since fiber from vegetables and fruit could potentially exacerbate the symptoms. However, I personally don’t think that UC, or autoimmune diseases in general, are caused by diet. I believe that they’re caused by an excess of carcinogens/toxins as well as stress which weakens our body’s immune response. What do we eat that has the most carcinogens? Well, the answer is obvious, meat.

In the last 3 weeks I’ve only eaten meat twice (it’s especially difficult to avoid when going out to eat) and feel like I have more energy and finally less joint inflammation. To combat the reduction in calories I’ve added an additional post workout shake (I’m up to 3 shakes a day now) and have actually put on 4 lbs. This is after having to struggle to put on any weight in the last 2 to 3 years since this all started.

Do what’s best for you, but take the time to think about where what you’re eating came from.  Also, think about why you eat what you eat. Is it because of advertising? Is it because of societal norms? Is it because of the pressure from your peers? There’s no question that what you eat has a significant impact on your health.

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