Training has been going well! I am enjoying training and things are coming along smoothly. A few things about the set up of the 5th set program I already enjoy. The 9 day rotation has really allowed me for ample rest and recovery. The extra two days leave me feeling fresh and eager to squat and press. My bench is coming along slowly but that is due to my current body re-composition phase. I'm dropping some unwanted body fat for health reasons. Once I reach a certain bf% or physique I will slowly add in calories and increase the necessary factors to increase strength.

So right now I'm ok with making small improvements while I slowly drop  calories and add  in some aerobic based cardio. I'm outsourcing my nutrition on this to make things easier between training, my business, and current life situations.  Here are the highlights from last weeks training. Included is a 5ThSet AMRAP set from bench day and a Technique/Speed day from deadlift day. I'm using the hypertrophy protocol for pretty much all my accessories to maintain as much muscle mass as possible while "dieting".

Technique/Speed DL 70% for 5 sets of 3

This weight felt good and snappy. I still need to work on pulling the bar into my hips and gaining leverage. Grip is getting back as well. I hold this last triple for a little bit to work on grip strength. I did the same thing for all working sets.


After this I used the hypertrophy protocol using SL Deficit DL (with straps) 3-5 sets of 10-15 reps. I ended at 405 for 12 reps. I stood on a 45# plate so maybe 1.5" After that was single leg lying ham curls, some low back extensions and abs.

Below is 330x6 AMRAP set. Bench felt stronger but the stability is still a work in progress. I can see my elbows drifting farther and farther down the bad which I means I'm not keeping my upper back as tight as in needs to be. I'm definitely better and singles then reps!

I'm rotating my MSM movements based on how bench feels each bench day. If the barbell felt heavy but I got the reps in I will opt for higher rep incline db presses (sweede recommends 20-30 rep range). On days where the bench felt snappy and I'm not feeling "as" beat up I stick with incline barbell. This is one movement that when I know it increases so does my bench. In other words it has direct correspondence. Some lat, triceps and ab work were performed after.

As always, thanks for checking my log out! If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to email me at