A lot has been going on through 2021, and I'll get to that very soon now that my Coaching Log is back up, but I want to share something very special with you guys.

This past week was my birthday and there is a little apartment resort that we go to every Summer that is owned by the Cyprus Teacher's Union (we pay dues, might as well use it) where we get a big room, there is an outdoor pool, small "restaurant" next to the pool...and we don't leave the hotel grounds for a week. It is an amazing slowly life and this was our THIRD TIME to be there this Summer. Their business is really down and it is dirt cheap to stay there (you can't even imagine!).

On my birthday, my youngest son and I had already been outside to the pool twice, came in, sang Happy Birthday, blew out the candles, ate some food, etc... The pool had closed at 8 but at about 10:30 he started going into slight panic mode for some reason. Remember, my son is autistic and non-verbal. And his anxiety kept rising. According to the video I have...at 10:50 PM he came over to his tablet, which he is learning to use to speak for him, and typed in a new sentence for the very first time. We have never showed him how to do this...

See Video HERE

The security guard looked at us but there was no way that were were NOT going to the pool after that.

At midnight...we were ALL still outside in the pool making WAYYYYYY too much noise.

Happy Dad.