Most people that know me know that I began all of this wild ride of lifting heavy objects from a Martial Arts background...trying to get better. To be a better fighter. Looking back on those years of my life a lot of good things come into my mind. Mostly fights that I won that I shouldn't have been able to. Hanging out with people that we all see in movies today. All of the little friendships that I made along the way.

To sum up what I want to say here, there was a team that I badly wanted to be a part of through all of my life and I never made this a secret. The METRO All-Stars was THE TEAM as far as I was concerned. The guys that ran the team both had son's that were in my age division, which made it pretty tough for them to pick me up as a member, but they pretty much picked up ever youth that had amazing talent back then...except me. Or at least it sure felt that way.

I can remember every member standing by me when I was in the ring, to help. I remember getting my nose broken and splattered and if I couldn't stop the bleeding I'd be disqualified...and THEIR team Dr was sent over to help me get the bleeding stopped so I could continue the fight. Honestly, I can't tell you all of the crazy things that these guys did but I also can't tell you all of the amazingly nice things that they did as well. Till the day that I die I will be able to tell you these stories as well as their names as they are forever engraved into my memories.

About a month ago there was a public notice on the team's main page and that post stated that I was being made a full Team METRO All-Stars Member. When I read it I sat at my computer and just looked at it for who knows how long. Probably a least 5 minutes before I could exhale. I might have cried a little, I honestly don't know. As soon as I "woke up" I found the posts with my phone and made screen shots and immediately sent it to my mother, my wife, best friend, and I don't really remember who else. The honor! I mentioned that I was going to find some old logos and possibly make some shirts and a uniform with the Team Logo on it and I just kind of left it there...maybe they weren't REALLY serious. Tonight I got another message from their coach, REMINDING ME that as soon as I get my shirts made to post up the photos on the Team Page for everyone to see...and then I got some slightly "encouraging" comments about how I needed to sign up for SOMETHING and compete or lose it didn't matter.

Before I go to bed tonight I'm going to message a buddy of mine to see if he can make me a few t-shirts, a tank top or three, and where I can order a uniform large enough to fit me again. There really isn't a circuit here to fight on but there are a lot of online contests again and I could probably order a Bo Staff from somewhere and enter Men's Weapons. At least I'd get to represent!

Team's an honor.