A Peek into My Prep

I started off 2020 with big plans.... much like the rest of the world.

As quarantine hit, my physique show stayed on schedule.  I trucked along with HIIT and dieting and then 4 weeks out, they pushed it back one week.

Fine.  No big deal.  Then 4 days later they canceled it altogether.

Thankfully, there is a show here locally in August that I will be doing. So right now, I'm about 8 weeks out and back on full track.

I've been working with Anne Sheehan.  She's been doing my diet, training and posing help.  I was able to keep my carbs and food intake up until today.  My body, even back in March, was responding really well even with high calories and higher carbs.

I started out at 200g protein, 250g carbs and 40g fat on training days.  Non training days were 200g protein, 100 carbs and 50g fat.

Started off with 4 days of HIIT, doing those on training days either right after training or later in the day as a two-a-day.

As of today, she dropped my carbs to 180 and added in some LISS on off days.

Some things to remember when getting for a show.... How your diet is adjusted is based on how your body responds.  Many people ask on the front end, "How long will it take? How low will my calories go? How much cardio will I do?"  I really don't know until I see how your body responds.

The last month I've been doing lots of slooooow reps.  And not just slow eccentric, but slow down AND up.  Check out these super slow Hatfield squats!

Stay tuned as I outline some more details, posing and other things for this August 8th show!

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