About a year ago I sat down and started plotting and planning out my Atlas Stone training program. I had a tear in my bicep and I was already very weak and the load portion of the lift but strong getting anything to my lap. As the weather got warm here I knew that I would have to do a lot of my training with sandbags instead of atlas stones and the use of sandbags would help save some skin on my arms and allow my biceps to heal in a proper way.

I absolutely was NOT going to set up 8 different sandbags to go along with my training program and I would need to increase the weight of my sandbag by about 10% every other week...so I had an idea. I took an old style sandbag and figured that I'd just adjust the amount of sand in it every other week. I figured out how much that bag weighed and how much a shaker cup of sand weighed...and I could pretty much make it weigh what I wanted to.

To make it all better I had a busted new version of sandbags that I didn't feel like throwing out or emptying the sand from...so I just dropped it down inside of my old school bag (took a good bit of shimmying if I'm being honest).

Let me show you what I did...