An easy home workout

Since many, if not all, of us are confined to our homes at this point so it would be good for us all to get some activity in. Even if you don’t have a home gym, there are many exercises you can do just using your bodyweight, resistance bands, or yes, even the Powerloop.

I have to admit that I’m not super motivated to train at home. I need the atmosphere and motivation of like-minded people to help. This workout is a good, simple one to train your whole body to help maintain your strength and it takes a very minimal amount of time. All of the exercises can be done with a band and/or the Powerloop.

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Lunges/Split Squats

Make sure your front knee doesn’t overextend your toes while still focusing on shifting your weight onto the heel of the front foot. This will work the entire upper leg: quads, hamstrings, and even the calves some from stability.

You could also perform squats by holding the band at shoulder height or a form of deadlifts by holding the band at your side.

Single Leg Leg Curl

I was obviously still at OBB when I made this, but you could attach the Powerloop around a couch bottom or bed frame to perform this motion.

This focuses specifically on the hamstrings (biceps femoris) with the benefit of working each leg individually.

Assisted Push ups

You could just perform regular push ups as well. The Powerloop will provide some slight assistance while also helping you to use proper scapular retraction.

Push ups work all of the pushing muscles, the pecs, the anterior deltoids and the triceps.


You could once again attach the Powerloop or a band underneath a bed post.  You could also just loop them under your foot, which is what I did.

Rows work the large back muscle (the latissumus dorsi), the rhomboids (the muscles that allow for scapular retraction), as well as the biceps.

Single arm curl/concentration curl

This focuses on the biceps brachii and can be done simply by placing the Powerloop or band underneath your foot to hold it in place.

Single arm tricep extensions

For this you could attach the Powerloop or band around a doorknob (making sure that it will stay in place)

This exercise focuses on the triceps brachii with the benefit of using each arm individually.

You could also perform:

Lateral, front or rear delt motions for the shoulders.

Good mornings with a band for lower back and hamstrings.

Ab Crunches incorporating the band or Powerloop to add resistance.

Stay safe! All you have to do is stay in your house to prevent the spread of this. Most of us are relatively young and healthy, but we could still carry and spread the disease to those who are older or more vulnerable. Take care of your friends and family, and check on the ones who may need to hear from someone.

This, like everything, will pass.

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