An update on my longtime client and friend, Leslie Kutner, and how her training is going without a box or boards

My hope is that my coaching log will help you by:

  • Showing the benefits of high intensity/low volume training that I’ve followed injury free for over 20 years which has developed into the The Minimalist/M2 Raw Training Method and the The M2 Equipped Training Ebook
  • Teaching through the experiences of my training partners and I.
  • Helping to show how to overcome adversity, regardless of what it may be, because we all have it.
  • Demonstrating the equipment I’ve designed to help benefit lifters such as yourself.

Leslie started training with me at Orlando Barbell in 2007 and continues to online. She competes in the 132 lb. class and her accomplishments include winning the 2010 USAPL Collegiate Nationals, she was Junior Champion at the 2011 NAPF Championships, 2011 USAPL Bench Press National Collegiate Champion, 2011 USAPL Sunshine State Games Best Female Lifter, and after taking a break from competing, last April she won the 2018 Raw World Meet with the 365 Strong Federation in North Carolina. Leslie is now a Pharmacist at the WJB Dorn VA Medical Center in Greenville, SC and is an animal rescue advocate.

Although my training is usually based off a gradually increasing ROM to reduce joint stress, chance of injury, and improve longevity, Leslie trains at a gym without these options so we’ve modified her training since she doesn’t have the option of using boxes for squats, boards for bench, or accommodating resistance with chains. She’s limited to performing full ROM movements but is doing very well. We have her on a three week rotation where she performs full ROM for two weeks then uses reverse bands for one week with rotating accessory work each week.

Here are a couple of Leslie’s recent training videos:

Squats with 275 x 4 with reverse light bands (she worked up to 315x3).  Leslie doesn’t post a lot on social media, but someone at the gym filmed it to post on the gym page.

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Here's video of her benching 165x3 with reverse mini bands:

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Here's what Leslie has to say about years of following the M2 Method:

“My favorite aspect of the minimalist method program has been how simple it is, especially lifting alone the majority of the time in a commercial gym on a busy schedule. The only downside of this is that lifting with heavier weight at times can be intimidating, especially without trusted spotters nearby. Use of the reverse bands has really helped me to be able to handle heavier weights on a more regular basis which has allowed me to develop the confidence necessary to feel comfortable under heavy weight.”

The M2 Method Raw Training Ebook

The M2 Equipped Training Ebook


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