An update on my longtime client and friend Leslie Kutner and a rona rant

First off, I hope you're all staying safe and healthy. These are odd times. I believe some of the oddest we've ever experienced. Most of us who lift are relatively healthy so we may not see the damage that an invisible illness like this could potentially cause. The biggest issue is that we may never, but we could very easily cause damage to someone else by transmitting it to them. Personally, I think (if they realized the damage this could cause) they should have immediately shut everything down: airlines, public transportation, schools, churches, anyplace where large groups of people gather, not just restaurants, bars, and gyms. Make everyone stay home then potentially two or three weeks later it could all be over. Unfortunately it's already out of hand and they're having to try to make up for lost time, which can't very easily be done. Anyway, that's my rant. I hope this will be over sooner than later. Be smart. Stay safe.

In an attempt to provide you with some content other than the home gym workouts you've been bombarded with (yes, I've been guilty of this too and will probably post more before this is over) I'm posting some of the recent training of my clients that was filmed before this all began.

Here's my friend and client Leslie Kutner who has competed for many years (I’ve been working with her since 2007). She now has a busy schedule with a career as a Pharmacist at a VA and also actively rescues rabbits but still finds time to consistently train. Leslie trained with me at OBB for many years and now follows my online programming utilizing a variation of my Minimalist/M2 Method.

I’ve mentioned before that the gym she trains at doesn’t have the options of a box for squats, boards for bench, or blocks for deadlift we have her on the following 3 week rotation:

Full Squats w/pause Squats
Full Squats w/Leg Press
Reverse Band Squats w/walking Lunges

Full Bench w/DB Floor Press
Full Bench w/Flat DB Press
Reverse Band Bench w/DB Incline Press

Full Deadlifts w/varied upper Back Accessory
Full Deadlifts w/varied upper Back Accessory
Reverse Band Deadlifts w/varied upper Back Accessory

She doesn’t always have someone to spot her either. We recently switched her from a rotation of 5,4,3,2 (for 3 weeks each) to 3,3,2,2 for the reps for the main movement since the higher reps of 5 and 4 with the heavier percentages were becoming too taxing.

We rotate through exercises for her hypertrophy work with higher reps of 12,10,8 then 10,8,6, then 8,6,5 before repeating.

Here’s recent video of her squatting 245x3 while in off season training (this was filmed before the rona took over).

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