An update on my recovery from Hemicap Shoulder replacement in November

I posted this on social media, but thought there may still be some people who would be interested in reading it on my coaching log as well.

Since a few people have inquired about the recovery from my Hemicap shoulder replacement that I had in November I thought I’d show my main pressing exercise along with providing an update.

The pros from surgery:
- my ROM has improved back to normal (well, my normal)
- I can brush my teeth, drive, and move without pain

The cons:
- I can’t comfortably bench with the straight bar (but I couldn’t anymore before surgery either)
- My strength isn’t returning as quickly as I had hoped (but that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with the surgery)

Would I have shoulder surgery again? Absolutely. Unfortunately, I’m afraid I’ll most likely need the same procedure on my left shoulder  (since it’s crunching like my right used to). We’ll see how much longer I can hold out.

Here are flat dumbbell presses with the 65s using a neutral grip and the Powerloop to help provide stability.

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Along with the neutral grip reducing stress on my shoulders, the Powerloop does a great job of providing stability to prevent additional shoulder stress. the Powerloop really is a great strength training tool, so here’s my shameless plug. I had many of these made, but unfortunately they’re not selling like I’d hoped. Despite popular believe, owning a gym isn’t very profitable (as most small businesses aren’t) so I’ve done my best to design beneficial training tools (the Home GHR and The OBB Power Handles have been the most successful by far) for lifters in order to help find additional sources of revenue not only to supplement my income, but to help keep the gym open. If you need assistance with scapular retraction on any exercise or could benefit by reducing some shoulder stress on the bottom of the bench, then the Powerloop will definitely benefit you.

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