I don't recall the last time I have taken 2 months off of training.  It was tough staying out of the gym that long, but if I am being completely honest, if I managed to stay busy it was kind of a nice break.

I didn't have to spend 2 hours on a Sunday night prepping food; didn't spend 2 hours round trip driving to the gym everyday; didn't have anywhere near as much laundry to do; didn't have to choke down lame-ass chicken breast; didn't have to tan, didn't have to shave (of which even after decades of shaving I still hate it as much as I did decades ago.

However, the day came that I paid the price - Monday... and Tuesday ... and today ... and I will pay the price tomorrow and probably for another couple of weeks until my body gets back into a rhythm.  I am so sore that even holding an EZ bar on a flat bench to do skullcrushers (I hate that term - always have - but everyone uses it so I used it for familiarity) made me want to cry because my titties were so sore.  My elbows were killing me while doing triceps the day after chest and biceps the day after back - nevermind my traps while doing side laterals the day after back.

I'm not hardcore; I'm a baby.  I was whining so much my wife finally told me if it was that bad we could take another 2 months off.  However, I am smart enough to know that she might be angling for a divorce because she doesn't I was becoming quite unattractive with all of this hair (ew), whiteness (I have again changed race) and fatassedness.  I know my marriage is good when I said to her that she still looks hot after not training for 2 months and that I can't believe how much better she looks than I do.  She then laughs and says she was thinking the same thing in that she thought I was still in great shape and she felt she looked terrible.  Clearly, we are only hot to each other.  If either of us wanted to have an affair in the last 8 weeks we have had no takers.

Anyway, despite being so sore that rolling over in bed while sleeping is painful, I am sooo glad to be back.  Yes, I am back to being just as irritated by dumbasses in the gym doing dumb shit, but ... I'm back.  I'm back in my element and structured and ... well ... getting unfat.  Lucky for me it won't take long to be back in great shape again.  Sometimes, it pays to be old and to have done this for decades.  I might have shitty genetics but I can get my subpar physique back quite quickly.

I stayed on trt during the last 8 weeks while not training and will detail my blood work in my next coach log.   Until then, I will train legs tomorrow and cringe at the thought of how sore that will make me.  I may just use a wheelchair or a walker this weekend.  After all, I'm not that young anymore, anyway.  I could use the practice.

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