Work week is done - well, "done" in the sense that I am caught up and I can leave town Monday without the nagging thought that I still have things to do.  I will still do client work every day but at least it won't be from my boring desk in front of my PC.

Every year we do a motorcycle trip the 3rd week of July.  We meet up with friends from all over the US at some predetermined spot for a week and ride motorcycles, and this year it is Colorado (again).  Everyone loved riding Colorado last year so the vote was to come here again this year.

Myself and Mrs. Skip love to host and this year we are riding from the house up and around the Tetons, Yellowstone National Park and the last stop is in Grand Lake, Colorado.  Should be about 2500 ish miles next week and not a gym in site.  As a matter of fact, not a clean meal in sight, either.  Just the way I like it.

I have struggled with the time off from the gym due to the past issues I have had over the last couple of months, but you can bet that next week I won't give a shit about being out of the gym and I will be eating like a normal, fat, slob of a guy.  While a lot of you are competing this weekend at Masters Nationals, I wouldn't trade my annual ride for anything - much less a show.  If that seems less "beast mode" than you thought I was, I'm good with it.  I love training and I love dieting, but I love being normal and enjoying other things outside of the gym, as well.

Plus, when I get back I admit that as much as I am looking forward to this ride with great (and fun) friends (including my awesome wife), I am looking forward to getting back in the gym, as well.  It took a while, but I am in a place now that I am both physically ready to go back and mentally ready, as well.    I have found the desire to get back at it.  Now, in being completely transparent I can say that one motivator could be that I can't wear a couple pair of my jeans now and my middle-aged-Dad cargo pants are a bit tight in the waist (ok, a lot tight).  I am getting sloppy fast, but anyone that knows me knows that as quickly as I can get sloppy and man-tittied, I can also get my condition back quite quickly, as well.  The fringe benefits of doing this forever, I guess.

Think about me next week when you are hating your Monday or Tuesday.    There is no rain in the forecast for the entire trip and I will have the wind blowing through my hair (ok, my eyebrows, but still).  Then, the following Monday and Tuesday I will be back to feeling just like you.  In the meantime, let me enjoy myself.  After the last couple of months and what I had to deal with, I deserve the break and so does Mrs. Skip.  Rubber down and shiny side up.  See you in a little over a week.