Everything had gone so smoothly for so many months, I couldn't help but think that something was coming. I mean, it can't be THIS easy, right? I'm a positive guy, but that's just how my mind works, sometimes.

I ended up in the ER for 8 hours last Friday night. The pain in my hip and leg got so bad that I honestly thought I might have a blood clot. Of course, that's the way my mind works -- going to worst-case scenario in 2.5 seconds. Still, I was convinced at least SOMETHING was not right and I was... well, right.

After a myriad of tests including an EKG, CT scan, X-ray, blood and urine work, the COVID stab-a-giant-Qtip-in-your-fucking-brain test, they decided to run 2 very strong antibiotics via IV with one taking over 90 minutes to administer the full dose. I left with a script for Cephalexin and Bactrim, and if you know anything about Bactrim, it is HORRIBLE shit.

I was diagnosed with an infection that started in my hip and was moving down my left quad. It was getting incredibly painful and when I couldn't train legs, I figured I probably better get to the hospital and find out what the hell is going on. Understand that I did not drag this out, though. The pain and infection hit very fast and I didn't waste much time before going in as I knew something was wrong. It was the movement of the pain from my hip to the top of my quad and then down my quad over about 2 days that made me think it might be a blood clot. It wasn't.

The problem is that I honestly thought that the pain would subside quicker than it has. I finally had SOME reprieve yesterday from the pain but it basically fell from a 9 to a 6 and that 6 still is incredibly painful. I can't even do my daily walk and I certainly can't train legs. I go up and down stairs one step at a time, leading with my good leg and bringing my other leg to the same step and repeating. Getting in and out of the car is brutal and I just want to sit on the couch with my feet and legs on the coffee table as this is really the only time that it doesn't hurt.

Add to this that the meds are horrible. Bactrim is vicious shit and it had me so nauseous and tired that it was all I could do to train upper body earlier this week. I sat at the gym desk for an hour contemplating not even training, but with only 4 weeks left before this first warm up show where I need to qualify for the big dance 5 weeks later, I buckled down and forced the workout. I'm glad I did and it was a pretty good workout considering my energy was horrible and strength was down. However, the 2-day skipload over the weekend helped to at least fuel the pump and contractions because had I been depleted like usual, I would likely not have been able to train.

Now it's diarrhea that is added to the list, thanks to Bactrim. Of course, I have no choice as I need to get this infection controlled and as much as I'm slowly getting better, it is SLOW. I want to train legs and the thought of getting on stage without training them is not terribly appealing, but I should be able to train them at least by next week and that would allow me at least 2 solid leg sessions before getting on stage. I am secretly hoping I can train legs this Friday but it is unlikely at least at this point. I certainly would hate to have an injury during a battle with an infection. I have to run the oral antibiotics through Saturday.

The 2-day Skipload that I detailed on social media basically didn't do much of anything -- likely because of the antibiotics ruining my gut flora. I didn't jump up in weight or even fill out anywhere near as much as I normally would over a 2-day skipload. I am down to only 3 pounds above baseline as of this morning and it has only been 2 days from the Skipload. Today was a rest day, so I likely will be down again tomorrow and might even be baselined. That would be baselined in 3 days. Yikes. 

I am also very distended on my regular diet and this is almost certainly due to the change in gut flora from the antibiotics, as well. Again, I can't do much about it and just have to ride it out.

Below are the videos of my 2-day skipload that I detailed on social media to give you an idea of the amount of food that I consume during a skipload.

Hopefully, I will continue to improve later in the week and into the weekend.

Skipload Meals 1-3


Day 2 - Meal 1 - Brunch


Day 2 - Meal 2 - Burger and fries


Day 2 - Meal 3 - Deep Dish Pizza



For the best wrist wraps in the game, click the picture below:

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