ARTC 6 - 1 Full Week

We made it through a week with no health issues.  The boys are a little sore, which is to be expected.  This is just a quick rundown of what we did and some notes that I took during the week.

  • Main Lifts: 75% of Training Max (85% of winter training results)
  • 2 minutes between work sets


  • Hang Clean: 5x3
  • Metabolic Circuit - 3 Rounds
  • RDL w/shrug: x10
  • Push-ups or Dips: x5-10
  • DB Row: x10
  • Neck/Ab Rollouts: 3x10
  • Conditioning: 10, 50's


  • Agility: 4 Drills x 2 reps each
  • Bench: 5x3
  • Hypertrophy Circuit (upper): 3 Rounds
  • Press: x10
  • Pull-ups: x3-5
  • Chest-supported Lateral Raises: x10
  • Team Abs (housewife exercises): 50 reps


  • Squat: 5x3
  • Metabolic Circuit: 3 Rounds
  • RDL w/shrug: x10
  • BB Curls: x10
  • Pushdowns: x15
  • Neck/Hanging Leg Raises: 3x10


  • Push Press: 5x3
  • Hypertrophy Circuit (upper): 3 Rounds
  • Incline: x10
  • DB Row: x10
  • Lateral and Rear Delt Raises: x10 each
  • Team Abs: 50 reps
  • Conditioning: 10 Stadiums


  • Agility: 6 Drills x 2 reps each
  • Trap Bar: 5x3
  • Fluff and Puff Circuit
  • Kirk Shrugs/Neck: 3x10/3x10
  • Reverse-grip Pull-ups/BB Curls: 3x5/3x10
  • Dips/Pushdowns: 3x5/3x10
  • Neck/Weighted GHR Sit-ups: 3x10
  1.  Dropping the TM to 85% and using 75% of that seems to be a good call.
  2.  Once the kids found their numbers I adjusted them so they didn't have to load/unload between sets.  I employed the "close enough method".
  3.  3 rounds on the circuit was pretty easy and that's what I wanted.
  4.  We could have done more conditioning, but I'd rather start too easy than too hard.
  5.  Same with Agility work.  The 6 drills on Friday could've been a good start.
  6.  When I ask them how they feel I ask, "Is it a good sore or a bad sore?"  All answers this week were "good sore".  I think I found a good starting point.
  7.  Next week we add 1 rep to the Main Lift and 1 round to the circuit.  I'll also add Single-leg work on Monday and Friday and introduce Starts (Speed Work) on Monday and Thursday.
  8.  I know it's only been a week.  Based on this, I'll do the same thing with all the athletes once they get back in here.  As I go along there will be some tweaks and adjustments made for different sports, but this concept is sound.  Hopefully, Week 2 proves that statement.
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