Athletes Return To Campus Training 5 - They're Here (some of them)

We were able to get through all the red tape and get 6 kids cleared to start training.  Here's what I have noticed in 2 workouts.

  1.  They are in BAD shape.
  2.  The numbers and adjustments I made seem to be good.

You can tell how much being away has hurt their overall conditioning level.  I know these guys did some things just by looking at their bodies, but they didn't run hard.

I opted to take their numbers from the end of winter training and reduce them to 85%.  I usually use 90% as a Training Max.  I chose 85% and plan to adjust if anything is really off with individuals.

For the next 4 weeks they'll use 75% (of 85% TM) on their Main Lifts (Hang Clean/Bench/Squat/Push Press/Deadlift - in that order).

  • Week 1: 5x3
  • Week 2: 5x4
  • Week 3: 5x5
  • Week 4: Find new Max/Training Max and resume "normal" training

The Circuits will progress like this:

  • Week 1: 3 rounds
  • Week 2: 4 rounds
  • Week 3: 5 rounds
  • Week 4: 3-5 rounds based on how the "testing" goes.

Running for this entire week is just basic conditioning.  Next week I'll add Agility Work on Tuesday and Friday.  The following week I'll possibly add Speed Work.  If not then, definitely in Week 4.

It's only been 2 days, but my biggest "fear" is not running them down.  They'll make it through this week just fine.  By the middle of next week I think I'll start to see "issues" if I'm not smart about what we're doing.

I'm curious to see how they are at the end of the week.  The thing that I think will "save" me is that the lifting is very short each day.  Monday's workout, including warm-up, lift, mobility and conditioning took 56 minutes.  Today's workout took 62, but I had some explaining to do that I took my time with.

My note taking will be extensive over the next few weeks.  I should get some great information from all of this.

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