I'm in Week 5 of my Atlas Stone Loading program and it is all based off of a 140/310 lb Atlas Stone as a 1RM. Can I do this? Yes, of course, I loaded a 300 lb stone my first time ever touching a stone some 20 years ago BUT can I do it guaranteed, in this weather, without injury? No. Not and guarantee it... So that is my goal...a 12 week build up to loading the 141/310 stone.

I'm training at home a lot at the moment, late in the evening to stay away from the heat, but it is just hot 24/7. I am outside, in the heat, a giant fan on me, and watching my son as he is supposed to be playing in the kiddie pool next to me. Not much went as planned.

Set 1 was smashing...easy! So much easier when you can drop the stones instead of unloading ever load manually.

Set 2 felt maybe even better.

Set 3 I believe I got disturbed when I looked over and saw my son standing on the hood of my car playing with his toy airplanes.

Set 4 and 5 were GREAT but very freaking taxing in the heat and humidity.

And then we sat down together and talk to you a little while on camera about a few things we would like for you to learn. I know that this video is nearly 30 minutes long and we all prefer the 1 minute Instagram video anyway but if you want to learn...start here.