Back Cracking Friday

Sunday 1 hour sled, stepmill 45mins

-Standing long ab strap pulldowns 5x10
-Reverse hypers 4x12
-Belt squat(wide stance) on Pit Shark worked up to 6plates with short blue and green on. 5x3
-Reverse hyper 2x10
-Tsunami Bar sumo deadlift standing on bumper plates. Got 4 plates on it for 5x3. Had to put the plates down so the pull wasn't too short.
-Reverse Hyper 2x15

Had to get a back crack on Friday as the volume build up has kept me stiffened up.Holding steady at 250ish body weight. THis will be the 90% week for squatting and pulling raw. The recovery is much better then the first week so we'll see with the heavier % this week

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