If you've talked with me much this year, 2022, you'll know that my back has been a crazy mess. I can't tell you how much pain I'm in because it doesn't feel like anywhere near the worst pain I've ever been. Every disc in my back (from neck to sacrum) is herniated front and back, bone spurs, stenosis, and a couple other things that I've tried to forget. No injury, no accident, no reason...it just is. Sitting and looking at my MRI doesn't help it, I tried that. There MUST be a list of things that I can do to repair it and I spent about 7 months in 2022 finding things that help...and right now I'm on a great track!

Every exercise that I've done which helps me looks absolutely HORRIBLE, almost laughable, but they freaking work. I'm having less and less pain not only day to day but I'm having less pain "the day after" as well. One of the exercises that I've been doing recently is this. I don't have a for sure name for them although I'm leaning towards Banded Hip Distracted Deadlift Good Mornings. Every time I do these my first two sets will light up my lower erectors (not spine) and then it seems to go away after a couple of sets (and adding weights) and shifts to killing my hams, glutes, and mid back and lats. Might be because those are my huge weakness spots or who knows, but I plan on blasting them pretty hard for the next 3-4 more weeks.

Keep in mind that as you add weight to the bar you will need more bands front loaded and at a point things will just get whacky. So the point is to just start them with a desired rep range (I've done 2's and I've done 12's) and find a balance that works best for you!