Last week I did some basic movement work and mobility drills. I didn't really use any weight other than some light cable work. The doctor told me to keep it to 25lbs last week and although I did more than that, I didn't do very much.

Today I was supposed to start ramping up my training even though the mesh is not fully attached yet. My plan is to up the weight every day this week and to test how I feel.

I did some hurdle work to get the blood flowing. I do walk through work as running would kill my knee. I pushed the prowler, stretched and did foam rolling. I then did pulldowns, push up position walk outs and some very light swiss ball crunches. I didn't contract 100% yet because I am still nervous about exerting too much force with my abs.

I did box squats with a 20lb. KB and tomorrow I will do a 30lb., Wednesday a 40lbs, Thursday a 50lb. My goal is to start squatting with a bar next Monday.

Upper body wise I will bench light tomorrow and up the weight in the same fashion I am with the squats.

So although I am moving and doing things, it isn't exactly what I would call training. I am however, in ungodly bad shape after not doing anything for the last month. So that will suck getting back into shape.