15 mins stepmill

Activations and plank/bird dog work 3 rounds

BT Gut roll 5 mins and BT quad roll 5 mins.

Suspension straps BW rows 8x8

Bench with Duff bar 5x8

Shoulder rok with no weight for 5 mins continuous switching sides every 30 secs

Tsunami bar pull downs 8x8


Activations early with BT gut and quads

Not really a stressfull day but as it progressed things seemed to steam roll on me.  Felt really good most of the day though.  About 2ish pm I went outside in the near 100 degree weather and pushed the Prowler for two laps. Normally it is 15 to 20 mins a lap but both were slower with the heat and I took longer recovery walks.  The only rewards on this trail is small patches of shade to walk to and catch a small break from the heat.   It ended up being a hour. When I came in Dale came up to me and said Ryan was concerned about me in the heat for a hour and he had not seen me pass by.   I was not dead, discolored some and drenched in sweat. It is at these times, I have run the demons out or made myself so tired they can't come up.  After some recovery time which is blankly staring at the wall for about 20 to 30 mins. It really isnt the smartest thing in the world to do but it reminds me and brings me back to realty sometimes.  The wife and I worked on each other with some BAT time.  I dug around for about 30 mins while she hollared hoping I would quit as she overly screamed if you know what I mean.  When she got to me, I had her work the ham calf and neck points.  The calf point on the lower erectors were like bricks and took alot of work to free up. Once done I felt a large mental release.   For some reason my neck points are always another huge destressor and once that was done, I felt light and happy and about the same as the first BAT level 1 and 2.  I open the gym on Friday at 5am so my sleep is shit at 5 or 6 hours. I got 5 hours and normally it is a foggy morning and day for me on these days but due to the BAT and getting it opened up again it was a completely different day.

As RPR makes it way around to your town, I would greatly encourage you to go.  It is still a simple magical system that will change your approach to alot of things about training and help you cope with life in the moment.  You will improve greatly with it. I am convinced that BAT/RPR along with some bodytempering can end the majority of injuries, surgeries and training breakdowns. What I find awesome is you see where your real problems start at(and they arent where the injury or tight muscle is, most of the time) and you can address them. Lastly the sheer positive mental mood and relaxations you will feel go beyond it all.