Spent a couple days in Wrightsville Beach before the rest of the building fun begins so nothing but waves, buds and grubs for three days. Oh and celebrating the wife's B day. Managed a 8lb BW up tick so  that was pretty good. Aggravated her continuously. I am really a master of this.



Activations with some plank work

Prowler one lap


Activations and bird dogs

Suspended squats with cambered bar. The wife has a volume week every two weeks. One thing she does is every two to three volume sessions is squat or pull using a lighter percentage. She does 30 mins with a set every minute so 30setsx 2 reps. I thought let me twist it some and do camber suspended for 15mins and see how it goes. Did the first 6 or 7 beltless and breathing through the sets. Back started getting alittle mad and I was losing focus so added the belt to finish up.  REcovery was good between sets cardio wise but dee muss-cles were not as happy.  Finished up fine. May add 5 minutes next week to see what happen.  Enjoyed it though.  Plan is to sort of get stronger again so I can move all this shit in Oct to the new building. I don't fear the cardio part, just the moving odd bulky equipment for a week straight.  Doubtful I will stop the prowler.

Reverse Hypers 6x12, 4 prior, 2 post

Prowler 2 laps light, 1 walk. Cool outside. Almost effortless from the cardio perspective today. Legs were beat up from squatting. Pushed alittle farther today with 10 sec breaks.  Gait was old sloppy choppy most of the time.