This is Part 3 of my QnA videos that I've done recently. I'm trying to knock out as many of these as I possibly can so keep asking me questions here and over at The YouTubes!

0:00 - Humorous intro
0:55 - What strength training books would you recommend?
3:00 - TRT blast-cruise?
4:55 - How can I tell if I'm overarching my back on squats?
7:03 - What can I do for chronic/serious lower back pain?
8:50 - Singles/doubles for strength and size?
9:47 - Will you train me to compete at a world level in powerlifting?
11:40 - Favorite recovery methods?
13:50 - What's the heaviest vehicle you ever pulled?
14:38 - Thoughts on Rippetoe trying to start "Strength Lifting"?
15:46 - Do you miss the press in Olympic lifting?
16:08 - Can Jerry Pritchett ever place top 3/win World's Strongest Man?
16:39 - Can Benedikt Magnusson hit a 500kg DL?
17:21 - Should powerlifting allow straps in competition/geared lifting?
19:01 - Why did they stop Kaz from competing?
19:56 - Do you compete in Olympic lifting?
20:19 - Do you do tempo work during hypertrophy training?
21:50 - Why is WSM held in African countries recently?
24:01 - What is your "Big 3" PL total?
25:29 - Do you have a lot of pain through your body?
26:52 - Can Dbol be run on long-term cycles?
28:33 - Closing comments