Just showing off the newest addition to the Hill's Mountain Chateau Retreat (otherwise known as "Home").  He's a good looker and a lot of personality but ... I guess I should probably talk about ... you know ... working out and other boring stuff.


On a serious note, I received my blood results last week and have been too busy planning my accountant's death so I might as well divulge the results here.  Long story short for those that haven't heard:  I had terrible blood for the first time ever, at the end of 2013. It took all of 2014 to get it in range again and the latest blood numbers are finally within range.

RBC - 5.28

Hemoglobin -  16.3

Hematocrit  -  47.6


For reference, my hematocrit was 58 and my hemoglobin was 21.  I could not be happier to get these back in range and this sets up my plans for 2015 to step on the gas in about a month and kick this off season into overdrive again .... finally.


Training this week has been SLIGHTLY lighter and focused on some supersetting, of which I rarely do.  I simply wanted a change of pace and wanted to back off for some slightly higher rep work this week.


Trained chest and delts yesterday and back today.


Chest and delt workout looked like this:


Chest -

4 sets of hammer iso press

superset of pec deck flye and incline machine press for 3 supersets

superset of flat dumbbell flye and flat bench for 3 supersets


Delts -

superset of alternating dumbbell side laterals and smith machine- press behind neck for 3 supersets

superset of cable side laterals and smith upright rows for 3 supersets


Back session today -

3 sets of latt pulldowns

superset of machine row and hammer latt pulls for 3 supersets

superset of long pulley row and double dumbbell row for 3 supersets

superset machine row and narrow grip latt pull for 3 supersets

3 sets of dumbbell pullovers


Rear delts -

Standing rear cable flyes for 5 sets


Abs - 3 sets of twisting rope crunches

3 sets of twisting rope crunches

4 sets of machine crunches

3 sets of ELITEFTS reverse crunches



Rest day on Thursday and then arms on Friday and legs on Saturday.


Still getting 6 meals consistently and holding weight at around 223ish but strength is still progressing on most exercises.