For the last two months I've been putting out QnA videos on YouTube. It seems that I have a small very steady group of followers that actually have a lot of questions. GOOD QUESTIONS. So once per week I put up a video where they can ask questions below and then a few days later I try to answer them all on video!

So far the response has been huge? Not huge in numbers or views, but the people that do watch them seem to really get a lot from them and really appreciate them. On top of that, it is my opportunity to actually talk for longer than an InstaGram 15 second video and reach the type of people that I can relate to: the people who REALLY want to learn and not just hear a sound byte!

Rough Order:

Contest Prep Methodology

Bulking and Water Manipulation from 300 lbs to 275

Training for a Tire Throw Event

The Current Global Prosperity Climate as a Business Owner

Water Cutting 3 KG Without Hurting Performance

Am I At The Beach?

Hardest Parts of My Job?

The Key To Blasting Big Doses, Especially Orals

Update on My Back Injury