The week is rolling along quite well until BAM -- something out of my control that hits without warning. Life happens even in my boring life.

I am not going to go into the specifics because it's no one's business. I don't put my family's business or "laundry" out there for others to judge or to feel sorry for me. I will just say that raising kids is tough. We have raised 3 of our 4 and as good as our youngest is, she has had some struggles over the last handful of months. It has been rough but the last couple of days were really bad. 

I had to step back and shelf my training and basically all things bodybuilding for the last two days for two reasons:

1. My family and my daughter's well being are more important than bodybuilding. 

2. I also wanted to send a very clear message to my daughter that she is more important because when kids struggle, they sometimes can feel like they aren't important.

It isn't that I'm not "locked in" because I am.  I am right now killing this prep, anyway, and I am ahead of schedule. I can afford a couple of days to prioritize my family. Plus, even if I wasn't, I would choose to prioritize them, anyway. I'm a father, first, and a mediocre, aging bodybuilder with something to prove to himself, second.

For the haters, I am not pulling out; I am not quitting; I am not making excuses so that you can laugh when I don't show up in condition. I will still show up in condition -- count on it. I will be back on track in the morning as if the last 2 days didn't happen. I have no concerns and I am not at all worried.  In fact, my strength alone might actually be improved when I come back to the gym tomorrow after taking 2 days of extra rest -- physically, anyway. Mentally, it's been a tough 2 days, though.

Now that I got that out of the way, the week has still been very good. I have started posting videos and pictures now that I can post to social media due to the gyms opening up again.  I'm not "shredded" and I'm not "ready," yet, but I am comfortable with where I am with 9 weeks to go and 16 from the second show. 

My weight is all over the place due to not being fully hydrated the last 2 days, not eating as many meals, not training, etc. I won't even bother listing my scale weight as I don't feel it is accurate, anyway.  I will do that after I get a few consistent days back in the gym and everything is 100%.

If you're a parent, you will understand. If you aren't, and you don't understand, you don't deserve any more of an explanation than you already received in this coach log. In short, IDGAF.

Back to the grind...


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