15mins stepmill


10 mins static BT on guts with 160lb. Same as before. Started at ASIS for two minutes each spot working up to the bottom of the rib cage/diaphragmy line.  The 120lb I do fine with, but the 160lb I am constantly checking the watch.  Then I am constantly tryin to relax the cheeks and stomach. My wife said you are getting your butt back. I think and say really? She says yeah.  I haven't really done anything that different training except add this in daily for about two weeks now . I can't really say either way but the booty does seem alittle swoler and It is a constant struggle with the static BT gut smash to keep them from flexin' . I did sit around at the Compound and BS too so might have picked up some ass swellage from there.  I had been thinking about why he thought it was a strength aid.  At some time I saw Bud Jeffries doing some crazy static work as well.  The dimly lit bulb flicked a bit and I thought, once the tissue is pliable enough it should begin to fight back and adapt to the loading.  I then thought, hey moron, remember when you preached and practiced holding weights in static positions at the beginning and end of a lift to build nervous system tolerance and get used to the heavier loads. Not the same because of the joint loading as well but along the same lines  But geeze, I am still hoping chemo brain is a excuse or that I picked up my dog's highly skilled tootage.  Anyhow, back then I didn't think about the tissue becoming more pliable and then loading against it nor was it for the extended time I am trying now.  The twist is belly breathing the entire time to remain calmer and not short chest breathe it.   This sort of goes against the tight muscle is a strong muscle I have believed in the past. This is  still a work in progess but using BAT/RPR and stacking it with some BT I am hunting for a more optimal training methods as we all are in our search for the answers.   I am looking in alot more places then I have in the past.


15mins stepmill

Activations with long ab strap pulldowns and plank work

Reverse Hypers 5 sets before with alittle more  weight then usual.  3 sets post.

Belt squat on Pit Shark.  Used the jerry rigged up harness for front squats working up to 3x8. Many sets prior moving up 45lb at a time  Adding in that I concentrated on breathing into the diaphragm deeply filling it. Should feel like the air is going into your pelvis and all the way to the ground.

Continued belt squat theme with regular ones with a wide stance for 3x8. Same breathing style

Beforehand, five minutes with 120lb BT roller on my quads. Same as guts but only a minute in each spot from the upper quad to the knee.  After I got done, I had a nice light pump in my quads like I have done some light leg extensions. The legs felt really light though and continued to feel good through out the belt squats.

Upon completion, another five minutes with the 120lb moving every minute. No soreness at all but the intensity level was only a 7 or 8 ish.  Will continue the experiment for us both!